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Took me 33 kills and unknown number of fails to craft all 5armor/14weapons/2charms.
you lie you need 17 of HIS mantle, theres no way you got a 51% drop rate
Celestial wyverian prints
you can't meld these
lmao what a LYING CLOWN
He might have got the part breaks required on the fails for the reactor to drop. I know that happened to me so...
"Unknown number of fails" if he broke a part he could have gotten the reactors in those attempts lost and could've gotten lucky and got multiple reactors in one kill, so I don't think they're lying.
Eles poderiam facilitar o drop do reator imortal, já matei o colérico 15 veses , quebrei calda , cabeça ... É só consegui 1 até agora .
i got 4 in 6 hunts with 3 coming on 1 hunt alone which was odd.
Does anyone know if this is one of those items you get from breaking specific parts?
For anyone curious, just found out it comes from carving the tail. So if you want them fast, use the armor and food that gives extra carves, take part breaker, sever the tail, carve it, and just leave the quest.
For anyone curious, found it comes from carving the tail. So equip armor that gives extra carves, eat food that gives extra carves, take part breaker, go in and sever the tail as fast as you can. Carve and quit.
Can be got as a head break reward, quest reward, body carve, or tail carve.
Received 4 from 2 weeks of farming (~2 - 5 hunts / day). One from cutting off the tail (got Lash sometimes, but once a reactor) One from Palio plunderblade One from quest failure - but the head was broken (usually gives warhead). One from Carving off body (only once, after so many hunts) To summarize: use plunder blade Palio and part breaker to increase chances. Body carve chances seem too low.
I just realised that I can now make these at the melder because of the Alatreon update (that or I got 3 kills and on the third I got a reactor drop) so uhhh no more farming brachy for now I guess?
You can get them by breaking the head as quickly as you can and then returning from the quest
You can get them by breaking the head and then returning from quest