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does smithing Textes carry over to ng+?
Yes sir.
Did it heres ng +2 or 3 yet ?
I just did every mission on New Game + but I still haven't unlocked New Game ++
i dont think there is ng++, you just have one setting and you just increase your level
There's not!
Asking the same question. Just finished eye of the beholder on Dream of the strong. There must be a new game ++. Have not gotten any orange (ethereal) items yet.
Ng ++ and ethereal gear will be unlocked when first dlc launches later this year ( migh be delayed due to the pandemic restrictions )
does it even exist?
Probably they’re going to add more NG+s with the DLCs like in the first Nioh.
If you are finished with NG plus and wish to play with a competent well geared player hit me up dudes
anyone know if it's possible to restart the world progression on NG+?
Where can I farm weapon+
I think it depends on how many cups you select before starting a mission
Im trying to learn how to use the black smith the best way and the vids on you tube are kinda vague
Everything you need the smith can explain. Specifics are easy to find if you know where to look.
New Game ++ is set to release July 30th with the DLC 'The Tengu's Disciple'. Then each extra NG+ will come out with the other two DLCs (TBA), with the last one predicted to vastly raise the level cap.
I remember the first game's NG+ gave expanded movesets for enemies and, unless I'm misremembering, faster animations and more spawn locations throughout the levels. This made for a more refreshing and fun NG+ experience when compared to many other games' NG+. Is there something similar in Nioh 2 or is it just that enemies are harder and you can get stronger gear/higher level cap?


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Expanded enemy movesets are for sure a thing in NG+.
Sweet! Realizing that there were expanded enemy movesets in the first game was a wonderful surprise and memorable moment. I'm glad they brought it back. Is there a game out there that does NG+ better that Nioh? I've yet to see one.
Surge and Surge 2 hawe diferent spawn of enemies and more enemies in maps...