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By Anonymous
Dear god, Larian has the ****TIEST writers I've seen.
Shadowheart spends her entire life worshipping an evil goddess, obeying her blindly, lets her memories be taken willingly, accepts incredible pain, sneers at every mention of Selune, goes through an entire gauntlet to prove herself to Shar, then inches from fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a Justiciar in the heart of Shar's domain, after reciting Shar every ten feet towards the bottom, she defies her goddess and spares a selunite... Why? Because the selunite knows Shadowheart is afraid of wolves.... This is the epitome of garbage woke writing
By Anonymous
Lol, cry harder snowflake
By Anonymous
"woke writing"? brother, are you high?
By Anonymous
- Kissed the entire Shar member on her churh
- Want to swinger with Halsin and mad if you disagree with her because raiding Halsin is her wild fantasy even tho shes with you

Shadowhore for the win!!!

By Anonymous
I had an interesting experience at the entrance to the Goblin Camp. Im playing as Astarion and brought Shadow Heart to the Goblin Camp to have her carry the Artifact. I do the Deception Check against he Goblin next to the Worg and he tells me I gotta smear worg dung on my face (Astarion Sidenote: "Smear the dung across your face, Its not your first time.") I comply because why not "Shadow Heart Approves", wtf? I reload a save and try intimidating "..." nothing. What did Larian mean by this?
By Anonymous
If you want to romance do not under any circumstances go to the house of grief before the river scene it will stop the river one from occuring and end the romance wihtout there beeing a way you can notice
By Anonymous
I'm in act two with very high approval and haven't even gotten a hint of romance.

Bugged or what?
By Soulbinderblood123
Def a bug, i got her romance scenes before even getting to the Druid's Village.
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