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She kinda cute
Her look and attitude was cool, but when I saw her incredible name? All in
i better be able to impregnate her as a fat orc pc
Spoken like a true armchair virgin, approved
You know it brother
Every thumbs down gives his comment power
It would be very interesting if her backstory involves Thultanthar and the shades. She's basically a priestess for the evil goddess Shar and Gale did say he saw shadow in her eyes at first meeting. I hope they don't skip the chance at exploring the plane of shadow with her too. I'm thinking (Neverwinter Nights, Tim Burton, Soul Reaver) style mashup for the shadow plane and her potential dark appearance changes, if any.


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I love Shade, and the Shadovar, and would like to see their city... but:
Gale is a Netherese, so if there was a plot he would be the one involved. Also, BG3 is after 1497 after Elthurel comes back, so from what I rememeber some goody two shoes *******s destroyed Thultanthar... so Gale might be one of the only survivors. Basically WotC redconned them, worst decision ever ;( ['] ['] [']
There's a theory going around that Shadowheart is a disguised drow, just like in BG2 where


You infiltrate the drow Underdark as a disguised drow.
That's pretty hot.
My waifu
Based on Baldur's Gate 3 developer interviews and previews released on youtube. I speculate that Shadowheart may be Neera from previous BG:EE games. Becoming a Shar follower is entirely in line with her general Character arc from previous games.

Knows about wild magic.
Suicide mission- CN unwise decision making highly aligned with her BG character arc.
Has a big secret. - Wild mage in hiding from discrimination and red wizards.

And the biggest:
Shouted "Half-Elf" in response to other character calling her an elf in a youtube preview of a video of a cut/dialogue scene


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The big secret she had is probably the artifact in her inventory, which is supposedly also the weapon Githyankis are searching for. Somebody suggests it may be the Infernal puzzle box with some really important contract with devil.
Trickery domain cleric with negative dex. That's the worst build i saw in game so far.
She is built like a war cleric. Swap Strength and Dexterity and she would be more thematic both as a trickery cleric and a half-elf. She is the most useless companion by far.
Each time you enter the camp, you can pet Scratch (dog). It will gain you approval with Shadowheart, Gale and Wyll each time.
Don't know is it a bug or not. Looks normal