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There are also Demon Horde weapons.
quando esce il primo DLC?
I downloaded the dlc says its download but can't acsess
go to shrine in game and click "Boons"


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Any one that's know when the season pass will be released
Season pass is available to purchase now
I think end may/begin june.Excited
July 30?
When the two others dlc will be released ?
I think its funny how this comment got a bunch of likes, but zero answers. XD Only one more to go dude.
Next dlc comes in oktober i think
That would be soooo amazing. In mid oktober i have 4 weeks of vacation. I really hope that with the next DLC they implement etherials.
To reinforce the statement made by the comment below me, it could be possible for the next dlc to come out in oktober. Considering that Nioh 2 has somewhat of the same build-up as its predecessor, I don’t think its to unlikely for the 3 dlc to come out in the same kind of cluster as with the previous game. If anyone reads this, can you please double check how much time there was between Nioh’s release and the release of its 3 dlc? I wouldn’t be surprised if Team Ninja did the same thing with Nioh 2.
The first one had dlc Release with end 2 months Between them . So the end of oct sounds right
Lets see if this is the case. If so, we can also predict when the third dlc is gonna come out. Not knowing how long we have to wait sucks, so this would be amazing if this is really what’s gonna happen.
good morning, you know if it will be possible to play nioh 2 others on ps5??
Backwards compatibility has always been a muddy subject matter when it comes to the Ps5. Everyone wants every previous Playstation game to be playable on Ps5, but Sony said that only the top 100 best selling Ps4 games will also be playable on Ps5. And then they said that there is a chance that maybe all previous Playstation games will be playable on Ps5. I’m gonna buy a Ps5, no doubt in my mind. But Sony need to make up its f*cking mind and just make every title from previous generations of games available on this new console. And on a side note; I’m not sure why you posted this question here, but then again it wouldn’t really fit anywhere else. As for Nioh 2 also being compatible with Ps5? Dude, I don’t think anyone can answer that right now.
Don't listen to the last person the replied. Sony has confirmed all but 10 PS4 titles will be compatible on PS5, but the top 100 titles will be getting the "Boost" function where they get various different upgrades like 60-90-uncapped FPS.
We didn’t know all of that back then. You don’t have to be so rude and downplay my statement just because in between we learned more about it. The commenters question was if Nioh 2 will also be available on Ps5, and that question has been answered. Every Ps4 game, except for 10 nobody really cares about, will have backwards compatibility on Ps5. Thats the subject here. Not something about a boost in frame-rate or something. I’m sorry if I may sound sour, but I was just trying to answer a question with all of my available knowledge at the time. Saying not to listen to me because that statement is now somewhat invalid is not necessary.