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demon madness
I hate 2 wasted CON and 1 PER points he has. Mages suffer so much if they splash their early attributes, so better off start with a dedicated 11 INT mage yourself. Everything else about him is very good, but 3 wasted attributes are too much of a drawback IMO. Even in the late game CC mages in oppose to DD mages don't need CON at all.
You completely underestimate the value of Con. This may have completely passed over your head, but as you enter the late game, you can will begin to find equipment that will have +2 Int, Str, or Dex, but you will struggle finding Con. Con not only allows you to increase the odds of survival, but it will also allow you to store additional unsued points. Also, as you enter the threshold of 15 points into Int, you begin to realize that any point above it will be a minimal upgrade.
I agree that Con is not useless, but it is mostly useful for agressive parties, which don't excel in CC. Jahan though has a pure Aero/Hydro CC setup, those mages don't need Con but Speed, to go first and CC every source of danger first turn. Boosting Int asap until you reach 14-15 points though is always good though, especially for CC mages to raise the disabling chance as much as possible. For agressive mages the benefit is decreasing already low cooldowns, with 11 Int start a pyro mage can spam burning touch and flare each turn.
Jahan is that person everyone hates but still has him on their time because he's just good...
love Jahans character and his hate for demons