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By Anonymous
YES! Finally the Brachy weapons and armor are GOOD! Been waiting for this ALLL my LIFE!
By Anonymous
What a sad life.
By Anonymous
I don't think you're sad. There are few joys in this world, let people have their fun!
By Anonymous
Ok so Iam on Pc and dont have access to that weapon yet but are the stats on this page correct bcs it seems to be worse than the Safi-Blast-Hammer. Both GS and LS have more Attack than their Safi-Counterpart so why does the Hammer have less than the Safi-Hammer?
By Anonymous
Well honestly this weapons is not 2 steps above the safi blast hammer, but its tremendous high blast damage can be easily exploited for more dps than with safi's. You just need to make a proper hammer blast build and you would increase your damage by like 10%ish
By Bockabee
For anyone wondering, this hammer gets barely edged out in terms of pure damage by Shattercrusher, but is still insanely good
By Anonymous
I got plenty of mileage out of it and used it to beat fatalis without ever touching the Shattercrusher. Do Safi if you want but definitely not required.