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Anyone know how to unlock this? No tutorials or options are showing up for me to layer my weapons. I watched a video about layered weapons, but it doesn't explain how to unlock the option. Do you need to be a certain MR? Reach a certain mission in Iceborne? Can only layer certain weapons? Thanks for any help/information :)
Same thing happened to me did you get it to work?
No, it's still not working for me. I read an article about layered weapons today, and the article said that all you have to do is go to the smithy and the exclamation mark will be there above his head. I went to both smithy's and nothing. I also checked my tutorials to make sure I didn't button mash through it or something lol. Hopefully it's just a minor glitch that easily fixable. I know they're coming out with another, more robust, version of layered weapons in April.
I did a little playing this morning and found that it is indeed tied to a quest after you finish the story there are some special assignments and once I completed them the layered weapons option became available
Awesome thanks, I thought maybe it might have been tied to something along those lines :), good to know.
What quests?
I unlocked layered weapons as soon as I unlocked the Tundra region, in the guiding lands.