By Anonymous
Will an Onmyo Magic build find this fight easier? Like just spam some Fire Shots/Explosive Shots at the bird?
By Anonymous
In my oponion, this is the only bad designed biss that the game has to offer, and it isn't because he's hard.
His moveset is really static and easy to learn, but the carpet bombing of homing dark things was a true *******, especially during the dark realm phase.
Without takingbin consideration that if you're using light armors and you're still in early-mid game, the grab attack which he spam is a death sentence.
And it isn't always easy to dodge it, since sometimes he'll chain it during his combo and when you have an opening for attacking.
By Anonymous
His diving attack is one of his biggest openings, once he hits the ground he's vulnerable for some time, so bury your head up his *** and wail on him at those moments.
By Anonymous
He's quite trivial until his yokai realm phase, even then, it's mostly just because he's hard to even see as his moveset isn't changed up too much.
By Anonymous
Also drops the smithing text Merchant's Attire.