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By Anonymous
Buck you, safu, here comes the new meta!
By Anonymous
safi is still slightly better for most builts
By Anonymous
In my opinion, the Safi's ShatterBlade it's more customizable. You can apply attack, augment sharpening, or apply some ability (master touch for example). That sword is god for speedrunners maybe, I prefer a big purple sharpness. I prefer customize my build and weapons.
By Anonymous
This weapon is like safi boom LS with socket/sharp/sharp/attack/attack.
By onefastsled
This weapon is actually better them Safi’s shatterblade, while it doesn’t use the Augment system (which is***** to begin with) it already has multiple Safi augments already preinstalled, making this just better as you can skip the dracolite spam
By Anonymous
I really dislike the low white/purple sharpness. I don't run master touch these days and the weapon is in dire need of it to me. I run protective polish right now but it is annoying to sharpen a few time each hunt.
By Anonymous
to balance the high damage you idiot. it will be op if it has high sharpness
By Anonymous
Reminds me of Raiden's HF Blade from Revengance.
By Anonymous
Looks dope as fukc. Even doper with a white/orange colorpalett on your armor and a contrasting pendant.
By Anonymous
anyone have any recs for the augments? i have health augment and im wondering if i should build towards affinity or damage
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By rougeric87
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If you have Agitator 7, Weakness Exploit 3 and Critical 6 or 7, you don't need the affinity augment and you can go for attack augment
By Anonymous
Although hard to craft, this LS is godlike!
By Anonymous
It’s very OP, best LG out there
By Anonymous
I'm only going to craft a because it's shiny