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By Anonymous
Back in the days it was basicaly a nonstop power creep. Every new update brought a new meta upon us while you drowned in new events and mechanics to explore. It was a tsunami of work to handle. You could feel they wanted to get over with Iceborne and flushed everything they had left on ideas into the system. Ofcourse they had to come up with some "special mechanics" for this fight or it would have been another 4min kill for a random team. If you have left ice/flame Kjaar weapons, use them.
By Anonymous
I remember bringing an non-elemental hammer to fight this guy, ignoring the game warning since I always be able to get passed every quest somhow.

One of biggest mistake in my life, lol.
By Anonymous
You see now this a fun and challenging endgame fight. Not like Fatalis whos only justification to be "challenging" is to do a billion dmg and have hitboxes bigger then Zorah
By Anonymous
At least you can avoid all of fatalis' attacks
By Anonymous
Each weapon class has a unique modifier for how much elemental damage it contributes to its topple. Some of these are out of wack, with HH and CB being able to deal WAY more elemental damage than "intended"
Use Savage Axe Kjarr Strongarm "Ice" and it topples like a LR Great Jagras due to how much elemental damage its forelimbs and head take, as each hit of Savage Axe deals full elemental damage.

While it's toppled, soften its head and pound on it. This'll help on the Dragon phase if you can pull off a Flinch Shot (especially airborne), or second topple. Breaking the horn forces it back into its previous phase after Eschaton Judgement instead of swapping, so you can skip the Ice phase entirely.

Just watch out, because there's no way to pull it off again if you've already broken both horns. You'll probably have to lose a cart; the Food Skills that prevent a death counter are invaluable.

Dawn of the Death Star (Ice version) has the same strategy, but you use Fire instead.
By Anonymous
Why don’t my comments go in?!?! I have been doing the stupid robot test. My thumbs up and down haven’t been working either. If this ends up going through can someone explain? Thanks of this works!

~ Eriatha
By Anonymous
I really love this fight. It's just like Punk Duck's MHW video, and every time you fight Alatreon, you subconsciously punish his openings. Although, I do wonder why they put Alatreon at a very low MR (24 lmao), but yeh, if you are attempting this fight, I do recommend getting 3 pieces Safi and either 2 pieces Gold Rathian (specifically her Coil and Chest for that juicy level 5 devine blessing) or you can go 5 pieces Safi.
By Anonymous
What makes a good boss fight design? Let's see.
Malenia, from Elden Ring, has a "one shot" move that can easily kill any player if you get fully hit by her waterfowl dance,,, but it's an attack that anyone can avoid by getting gud, you can use any build, you have to learn the boss to avoid her "instakill move" which it's awesome, because you don't need to farm an specific setup just to beat a boss, you can even beat her at lvl 1
Now.. let's see Alatreon, if you don't have a very specific setup, you will get hit by his supernova attack which most likely will insta kill you and you can't do anything to avoid it... there's nothing to learn here because the damage is unavoidable, so "getting gud" here it's not a thing, and using an absurd amount of your time to farm the best weapon and armor just to survive his supernova it doesn't makes you a skilled player either, because if you try to use anything else, you will die no matter how good you are. So yeah, Alatreon it's just a garbage boss with artificial difficulty.
By Anonymous
Go away Elden Baby.
By Anonymous
WhAt aRe YoU tAlKiNg AbOuT?!?!
Alatreon is one of my favorite fights. He isn’t a garbage fight. It’s just challenging and takes skill. You take elemental damage and you beat him. If your good enough just take a high raw damage set and it works. I never played elden ring so I’m going to ignore that part of the comment. If you truly learn a fight then you tend to enjoy it.

~ Eriatha
By Anonymous
i want to tear my ****ing eyeballs out
By Anonymous
Well i fought him in MH3 and now he is back to slap ma ***
By Anonymous
full safi armour is game-changing; got me my second slay and a realisation that I actually really like this fight
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