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What are some good LS builds for alatreon, I tried dark claw demise but that was doodoo


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Check the Builds page from this website(top left > Character > Builds), there will be an Anti-Alatreon Long Sword Album. Dark Claw Demise is not great against Alatreon indeed, you want to use either Ice against Fire Alatreon and Ice against Fire Alatreon.
You want skills that raise elemental attack (ice, fire depends which alatreon you are fighting) to around 900. As long as you are somewhat skilled that should make him easy. Dark claw ‘demise’ optimized to 930 dragon is the safest method. With a high element dragon longsword you dont need to pressure yourself with horn breaks, and can easily survive all novas by reaching the threshold.
Three pieces of his armour makes it easy to reach 900+ dragon element.*


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I would recommend only fighting solo or duo it is way easier, break the horns, and take him to pound town.
i don't care about skills and attacks and other bullcrap, i just wanna fight this thing so bad but ruiner nergigante's being an ******* to me
it won't get easier and with the playerbase shrinking finding help for Alatreon, AT Velkhana or Fatalis won't get easier too. Better stop now or prepare for a world of pain. Literally.
Do you play on PlayStation? If so I can help you with some quest
If you have trouble with ruiner alatreon is going to cause you to pull your hair out haha.
Having 930 ice attack longsword makes his fire active a joke by the way, so easy.
The run should be perfect. Kill him before the third eschaton breaking both horns and get it over with in sub 20 min... or be a scrub and use dragon element and fight him for 30 minutes without breaking a single horn, while loudly proclaiming how ‘easy’ he is on forums.
but dragon is actually his weakness in his dragon form. the only time you can break his horns. and he's weak to it through the whole fight unlike ice and fire where he resists it in one of his forms. I used dragon and had an alright time fighting him.
Dragon is easy because you dont need to break its horns and you can easily survive an indefinite amount of eschatons because he is always weak to dragon. That is precisely my point. Dragon element makes him easy.
Therefore scrubs go the easy route (zero horn break) and use dragon element.
Shut up lol



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the Grim Reaper has arrived
O dragon of the elements
See the Hunters pitch their tents
A battle had begun
A time of forever done
If this fight is lost
Hunters blow your horns
Hone your blades and release your arrows!

he’s really easy once you learn him, very predictable.
Ёбаный элементальный дпс чек с конченной механикой. Фаталис легче этого куска говна.
Ok this might sound pathetic but I keep losing to the quest Dawns Triumph. I wreck the things health but he hits really hard. Can you guys give me some tips. I am wearing Shara armor and I am a LS main. I also use the IG SA and CB.
Learn to foresight all his attacks. Make the andularia edge longsword. Use decorations to increase ice damage to 840. Good luck.
Thank you I will try that
Also do not use spirit roundslash after claw swipe or lightning storm because he usually chains it into a ground slam. Instead anticipate the ground slam and foresight it. Basically punish the last move in an attack string. Or if you are really good you can foresight and go into special sheathe/ iai slash.
Ok I can dodge his attacks but I keep dying to the nova. You have any tips to survive.
Yeah you need to have alot of ice element. Use the plunderblade and fight him so you can make three pieces of his set. For the remaining two pieces use vaal hazak or safi jiiva.
Alatreon armor makes it easy to have high element. You need a minimum of 760 ice element, and you have to play really well (i.e foresight attacks to build up gauge them helmbreaker when gauge is red and repeat) 840 ice element is alot safer.
You say you dodge attacks with rolling? don’t do that it wastes time, you need to use foresight as much as possible because you attack and defend at the same time. The reason I recommend two pieces vaal hazak is because you get the regen. If you get hit do not waste time drinking potions. Put on a temporal or vitality mantle and keep fighting. your priority is to meet the dps check.
With regular alatreon you need to treat it as a speedrun, and even then it will still take ten minutes to kill. The dawn’s triumph has 14,000 hp. That is just ten red gauge helmbreakers! you can do it.
Ok thanks but what LS will give me 840 Ice element. I know someone said to use the Andulraria edge but that is Frostfang Barioth. Is there any other LS
I was that person, and unless you have kjarr ice, there is no other longsword. Frostfang is not too hard to kill. You can do it.
Also no ls has that much ice by default. You need to set decorations to achieve it.
I know no weapon will have 800 ice attack but what about the LS Aspara Glacia and Reverent Elusicra?
if you absolutely must use those ahem kirkland brand longswords. I would choose aspara glacia. And heavily buff dmg.
I BEAT HIM! I FINALLY BEAT HIM!! Now got any tips for Fatalis...
I've seen a few people say it's not sensible to try with a GS

I've failed a lot until now, but with the Taroth Blaze Thunder fully upgraded with Elem up and Bolt gems, I beat it by accident just now.
1000 thunder damage, baby
Nice, finally someone who understands the importance of high element. I see noobs attempt with 400 element and I’m just shaking my head.
if you were using the right elements it would probably have been way easier. thunder is one of, if not the worst elemental option for fighting alatreon. use either fire or ice, and make sure to break the head.
i can never get the direwings, if anyone can help, can you reply?