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Made it (the short one, but still). Switched to support for this fight (lancer primary, to fast for me yet). Kulve Taroth + Frostfanng Barioth SnS.
But to be honest - Raging Brachy was way more harder, maybe because he is the first of an end game challenge.
Good luck to everyone!
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I told myself I'll solo him , since I have a sort of rivalry with him from 3U.
The first few times I tried, I failed utterly, mostly because it took me a while to realise my safi-resentment set didn't work, because of my health regen augment.
Switched my armour to an agitator build, had 560 Element with IG.
Killed him first try with that set, 23minutes, was far from a perfect run, could definetly shave the time down by 2-3 minutes.
I really like what they did with the fight, I'm one of the few people who has nothing against the Escaton Judgement, and even though you can argue it's "fake" difficulty, I still enjoy more of a challenge. With my set, I toppled him in 2 minutes, and then proceeded to bully him to the ground. I really think they did him well, the weapons could've been more diverse though.
I really enjoy the fight, but the fact that it's so urgent and there's no time for anything other than DPS before the first element topple is extremely annoying. Gunners are also kinda screwed because you can't farcaster. An easy solution would've been to allow them to use one for about ten seconds after a nova, that way they could resupply, but I guess capcom doesn't like gunners.
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Now after 6 solo tries I still fail this quest but I broke its first horn within 4 minutes! I am using longsword so my strategy is primarily perfect iai spirit slash timing. My goal is not to play safe, rather I need to counter all his attacks and maximize elemental/ raw dps. The only way to kill this solo is by speedrunning it.
I expect to achieve my first kill very soon. And it will be under 10 minutes. I do not use potions, as they waste time (except exchaton judgement.) I am focused on never sustaining a direct hit.
As someone who solo-d Alatreon himself, I can tell you that no, you don't need to speedrun to solo it. My first clear was in a whole *20* minutes.
All his moves are easily roll-able (except for his dragon slam), and since he does a short roar for a second after 80% of his moves, you can punish him easily after a successful roll. If you don't have it already, get Evade Window.

If you're solo, it's a better idea to maximize elemental over raw DPS, unless you really just want to bruteforce it and die to his EJ.
Update: Killed it in around 10 minutes. Used the kjarr decay longsword, augmented, fully upgraded, etc. Armor was decorated to enhance dragon damage. Did not get hit once, I think I have all his moves engrained in my head. This was after a lot of fails. (Mainly because I wanted to kill it as clean as possible and solo.) If I did it multiplayer I probably would have completed it sooner. Also you NEED the kjarr longswords. I tried it so many times with reverent elusarca with poor result.
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Cant get past through ala?
after reading the "weapon matchup" portion, if you actually dont agree that its scrub info.. then ur probably a scrub too... scrubs :)
i mean, what kind of scrub says this: "Alatreon might not get stunned easily but it is possible. The best part about the Hunting Horn are the songs though. Especially Elemental Resist Up and Remove Blights will be very helpful. Ultimately more of a support weapon against Alatreon." ? if you guys actually follow this kind of info, then we know your skill level is a special kind of low.
people who follow this will ultimately end up as the kind of useless widerange corner horner who actually think they are helping.
Yes finally i killedhim with my velkhana insevt glaive and send help bcs i did the dawn's triumph alatreon ;-;
Any tips on a good dps build with an insect glaive? Tryna solo this and im not getting anywhere.
You can use the meta sets, just bring the correct elemental kinsect, mark alatreon and let the kinsect attack him while you attack, it's enough to get the elemental topple. Be sure to boost the kinsect with slinger ammo so he gets more stamina.
Agitator skill with masters touch and partbreaker is a nicey for IG