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I can already give some advice for this one. Eat the Elemental defense large meal before going to fight. That gives +15 elemental resistance to everything. That ensures that you aren't taking massive damage if they switch to an element your setup is weak to, as well as negating the blights of any resistance that goes over 20. One of the best way to protect yourself against a monster that uses 4 of the five elements.
Heard this guy used a lot of elemental attacks. thanks for advice
Thx bro
Oh you are the best. Nobody think about that. Thank you TOP 1 player in MHW :D
Here I was, thinkin' the best thing to do would be to walk in backwards with my cheeks spread wide. I'll try elemental resist, I guess.
this page is immensely useful, I've been stuck on Alatreon for almost a full 4 days now. thank the stars people are recording their findings, otherwise I would've been stuck on him for another week at least.
Save your sarcasm for when the monster is actually released tyvm
the fish hook-shaped***** i took this morning is better bait than this
why the dislikes?
The dislikes are because Alatreon isn’t in the game yet and this guy’s just being a sarcastic d*ck.
I'm not "being sarcastic", I'm making a joke about this page not being of any use yet, and it only has placeholders for everything. Thanks for all of the salt btw, it really makes a difference in the world. :)
This cunks will become behemoth 2.0
Hes alot better than Behemoth. I’ll tell you that.
Whats his weakness???
I looked it up and he is weak to dragon, water when on ground and fire when he's flying (not sure about that one).
In previous games it was ice in the fire/dragon mode and dragon in the ice/thunder mode when it comes to elements. However due to this inconsistency and the fact that the elemental hitzones were poor anyway (definitely not high enough to make up for the first issue) it wasn't a good idea to focus on elemental damage, I wonder if it still gonna be the case.
From what little I gleaned (from JPN twitter) it would seem that alatreon will be weak to lightning this time around. A rumor more than anything, but I'm still going to build something around that just in case.
Theres no information here cuz as of now he didnt get released yet dummys
Shouldn’t call people dumb
i need iceborne now
yes you do
*waits in murderous anticipation for the update to come*