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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Anyone got any recommendations for any of these? Personally I find the Nurikabe's Wall or Nothing skill to be ludicrously good. You seem to take noticeably less damage during the attack, can't be grabbed and deal massive amounts of Ki damage if all the attacks connect. It also easily breaks horns of Yoki and Namahage often opening them for a grapple.
I use Enki's soear chuck for a reliable ranged special and the Snake bosses ability for it's ridiculous hit potential if used in close quarters.
Enki's core is great for a 'get out of danger' skill since you leap into the air. Magatsu Warrior soul is GREAT for damage. I haven't seen it written anywhere here but it does seem that you can get extra move from Yokai Abilities when a Yokai's ki is fully drained, at least it seems so. Magatsu goes from hitting 4 times to 6 times and even has extra animations
Yatsu no kami,Namahage,Magatsu Warrior, or Nurikabe with few animas/add def stat and ippon datara /kodama for farming
I can't find anywhere online that mentions if it's beneficial to match the yokai skill's color to your yokai form's type. Like using red yokai skill with brute, blue with feral, or purple with phantom.
There is a skill that when you are in a yokai shift and use use the skills the same color of your shift it will increase the time
There is also a skill on the right side of the Shiftling tree called "The Dragon's Echo", which refunds a percentage of the Anima cost when using Yokai Abilities that match your Guardian Spirit. It starts at 5%, then 8%, and possibly a rank after that, but I'm not sure. Great way of making your Yokai Abilities more efficient!
The Sudama & One-Eyed Imp don't have their own soul cores. You get the Kodama core from Sudama when you give them a soul core, and the Imp drops Mortal Cores.
Can somone post where/when you get access to a 3rd soul core slot? Been seeing others with it but I feel like I'm more then halfway through the game and still no sign of the feature and I can't find any info with google
You get it later in the story
Third soul core slot is after the Shibata Katsuie boss (second time, yokai form), I believe.
is there a list of abilities that can be extended as you hold the button? Like Enera's Fire Twister? Sometimes I feel like the Magatsu Warrior move throws more slashes/lightning waves, but I'm not sure how holding or timing the button presses can actually affect the skills.
What does the little bars on the right and left side of each Yokai Soul Skill mean? There is one purple bar on the right side that never seem to reach above 50% and there are up to 3 bars on the left side. I have no idea what they mean and i cant find any explanation. Thanks!