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Does anyone have any tips on how to dodge the lightning attack where he raises his sword, immediately shoots a projectile at you and then lightning instantly strikes down on you? This wiki doesn't seem to have info on that move.

I'm pretty good at avoiding most of his attacks; it's just this one move that gets me. I've tried running from it to the side, dodging it, and blocking it, but I always seem to take lightning damage and accumulate shock.

Any way to dodge it, or do I just have to tank it and have some shock cures on hand?
By Anonymous
I was able to block it, lost all of my ki though
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Does anyone know what kind of Yokai/demon this guy is supposed to be? He is the brother of our protagonist’s mother so they are supposed to be the same species.

Thing is we are never explicitly told what kind of Yokai that Hide, our main character, is supposed to be in addition to half human.

Does anyone have answers to shed light on this subject? I genuinely want to know and I’m sure others do as well.
By Anonymous
I do believe that Otakemaru, Suzuka, and the protagonist are there own Yokai,much like Shuten Doji is, putting them as there own “type.
By Anonymous
If it weren't for the lag from the rain (seriously, how does this game run at a solid 60FPS on a 1060 in every situation EXCEPT in the rain?) this fight would have been 10/10 when I got to it. He doesn't deal huge damage until the third phase, his moveset mostly tries to zone you towards him once you pass phase 1, burst counters are clear and usually easy (except the phase 3 one which sucks), and in general he feels a lot more fair than most bosses.
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I found smithing text in a demon parade: flashfire spitstaff and Raging fire clawed fists
By Anonymous
This guy was fun to fight. I beat him first try both in the base game and then his weird 4-leg form in the DLC.
Both times i just used my patented "spin-2-win" mode where I keep my SG in mid-stance and just use cyclone 50 times. The DLC version got me a little spooked though, had to dodge around a tad more and heal up sometimes.
I like his character type. Very much like Dracula from castlevania (in the sense that he gave humanity a chance, but they squandered it and he went for genocide)
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**** the DLC version of this ****
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has anyone gotten the tsunotsuki bow? ive killed him like 200 times and never seen the text drop
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Does he actually drop the Sarutobi Gunsticks text? Its not listed here but ive read he does. I dont want to farm him for a week if it isnt on his list.
By Anonymous
I mean he drops a whole bunch of smithing-texts for weapons from the previous game. But the fact that he drops a lot of them also mean that the chance of your desired smithing-text to drop is frustratingly small. Just turn your brain off, and go for it dude. And luckily we now have that mission where we can fight him much faster than the actual main mission. You know the one, it the one where you fight Yatsu-no-Kami first, then Shuten Doji and then Otakemaru. If you get what you want, its worth the grind.
By Anonymous
Can confirm he does. Got a picture scroll that had me fight him after fighting staffman, and that was one of the several dozen smithing texts he dropped.
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That latest update to the game made it much easier to get to him. There’s a new mission thats also a boss rush. You have to fight Yatsu-no-Kami and Shuten Doji first, and then you get to fighting Otakemaru in his real form. Not even a bigger and badder version of our Yokai Shift. Just straight up him starting with one sword, and then three when a certain amount of his health-pool is drained (you know..... the usual). Makes it SO much easier to farm items from him in my opinion. But I can understand not wanting to fight a Yatsu-no-Kami at that high a level. So you do you.
By Anonymous
Did the mission again. Otakemaru starts with all 3 swords. My bad.
By Anonymous
Yatsu no kami's really weak to otakemaru's soul core ability. It takes about a third to half of the boss's heath in a single use