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Can anyone confirm if you can drop his smithing text drop here? Some people say he does but i didnt get anything.
I have gotten both smithing texts from Kato danzo in the dojo ninja veteran mission
I got the smithing text for the armor first try. got lucky I guess. I think he also can drop smithing text for his Weapon swift hawk. Since the armor is only 5 pieces and you need 6 to unlock the whole set.
I got swift hawk text from him
Anyone get the smithing text for his weapon? Does he drop it? I farmed it for over 6 hours and only got the armor set smithing text
I got the swift hawk text from him
Does this unlock at the proficiency rating only, or is it also gated by your progression in the game?
u have to progress in the story to certain point. I am not sure which part as I have 1million proficiency ubut i dont have this in my dojo
Anyone know when this unlocks progression-wise aside from the proficiency?
He definitely drops both weapon and armor text I had 20.5% item drop and 10% Vs humans took me about 20 runs to get both
first playthrough ?
hey all, now am over 1m points on ninja; and that dojo tutorial dose not appear with me at all, is there some thing am missing?!
Have to get halfway through the 3rd or 4th region can't remember entirely
You have to finish the first mission in the 4th region and then it should unlock.
I can now confirm, after first main mission in region 4 it appears in dojo.
can i get him sword skill ??