By Anonymous
Drops smithing text: Weathered Bone & Bleached Twig
By Anonymous
why is yoshitatsu censored?
By Anonymous
Because Fextralife is dumb
By Anonymous
The reply is true
By Anonymous
NANI!?!!?! SISTER!?!?
By Anonymous
OR brother... depends on the gender of your character.
By Anonymous
Smith txt : Udoto
By Anonymous
What a **** boss.
By Anonymous
Rest in Peace Yoshitatsu. We didn't know each other very well, but you looked really cool.
By Anonymous
Is a total moron in charge of this wiki? None of the mission pages tell you which region, so you have to guess and waste time.
By Anonymous
You can edit the wiki at the top of the page. We are all in charge, which means you’re also in charge. So to answer your question, yes.
By Skullreaper
I've been farming this dude for 2 hours. He drops:
Udoto, Mantra Sword, Hikoemon Ichimonji, Jikkkyu Mitsutada, cross spear bull head, warrior monk hammer, brute axe, Spy's kusarigama, Kusarigama Nokizaru, tonfa double-head snake, royal tonfa, wind demon hatchets, ninja Haguro hatchets, Iron Switchglaive, Extinction switchglaive, Khakkara tengu, Elite warrior composite Bo, Clawed Hachiya tekko, master tekko, Chinzei Hachiro's bow, Kintomo rifle.

My game isn't in english and I'm too lazy to search for every item. This translation should be enough <3
By Anonymous
"They uses"
By Anonymous
First time I fought this I could see a black star tattoo on the lips through their mask and thought it was pretty cool they happened to design a character like mine..... Then I recognized the "getting hit" noises and figured it out.
By Anonymous
Made a character with heterochromia and cat pupils, and as soon as I saw their profile at the end of Region 1, I knew what was going on lmao.