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Does anyone know what boss drops the armor of the rising son
By Anonymous
Probably Otakemaru... if its even in the game
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Alright I’m just gonna ask it outright but does ANYONE have the Armor of the Rising Sun? Or just one piece of the set? I just really need to know once and for all if its even in the game or not
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Hey, its me again... I’m assuming from everyone’s silence on my comment that not every armor in Nioh’s dlc made it into the current state of Nioh 2. Here’s hoping that they will be added when the dlc’s come out. July 30th bois!
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The "Child of the Sun" Set DOES exist, but it drops from the very late game Bosses, specifically Hideyoshi who also has a chance of Dropping the Smithing Schematics.
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You mean Tokichiro. For the story’s sake, Hideyoshi is both the protagonist AND Tokichiro. And if you finished the game you should actually know this armor exists. What people in the comments are talking about is the Armor of the Rising Sun which was worn by Toyotomi Hideyori in the first Nioh. The Child of the Sun set was also available in the first game but only in the higher difficulties. The main differences are that the Child of the Sun set is black and orange in colour and has a coat, the Armor of the Rising Sun is a distinct bright silver and has two white clothes over each shoulder with the Toyotomi crest on them.
By Petunia_major
I saw a female character in tori gate with a purple armor set that had cut outs on the shoulders and thighs. I CANT FIND INFO ON IT ANYWHERE? Where do i find it? What is it called?
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Could you describe it in some more detail. Like, what do you mean with “cut outs”?
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By Fallenangel700
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It's one of the mage sets. I wanna say Onymo Hunting Garb, but I'm not sure.
By Anonymous
It is indeed the Onmyo Hunting Garb. You'd expect that the Shinobi Armor would have cutouts, but no.
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Keep in mind that it is possible to alter give one items appearance to another. So if you see some odd set perhaps every of its parts have appearance taken from different set or non set items (which are rarely used by players so when you see them they look even more alien than you can imagine).
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It could be a skin transformation into Fuku (the omnyo instructor of Nioh 1) , she has purple cloths with those cut outs.
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Tatenashi Armor,Flying Kato's Armor,Warrior of The West Armor,Swallowtail Armor,One-Eyed Dragon's Armor,First Samurai Armor. Male and Female
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Yyyeeeeaaahhh..... those are indeed getting added right now... and both male AND female... good job buddy!
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Flying Kato's Armor,Male and Female. Legendary Strategist's Armor,Male and Female. Warrior of The West Armor,Male and Female. Youngblood Armor,Male and Female. Trident Vajra Sword Armor,Male and Female. Tatenashi Armor,Male and Female.
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What the hell are you talking about?
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The process of adding all armor sets sure is going slooooooooooo o o o o o o o o o o w........
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What a shame that the Knight armor isn't in the second game
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I don't mind tbh. The knight Armour in Nioh was an extremely poor quality set. It was completely historically inaccurate and badly designed. Actual medieval plate Armour was lighter, elegant and less bulky.
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This game has no kimonos for the characters It’s weird especially for the setting of the game why is that the female characters have almost no options
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Well, realistically, a kimono wouldn't offer any defensive capabilities. Shinobi gear was known to at least have hidden metal plates and the Onmyoji and Yamabushi clothes can be considered magical, but a standard kimono is just thin cloth. I guess they could add it as a cosmetic skin though.
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Iv seen a character with a armor with a white torso and a black leg armor it looks like what the main character as on when you look at the move in the weapon tree