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Iga Jonin armor set is obtained from Honzo in the dojo. I obtained it on Dream of the Strong with 92 luck from tea cup placement and armor stats.
Several Armors Nioh 2
Male Armors: Light Armors Onmyo Hunting Armor Sohaya Garb Armor Firestarter Armor Horse Guard Armor Saika Clan Armor Yatagarasu Armor Pit Viper Armor
Hello, does anyone knows how to unlock the ethereal items in Nioh 2 please ?
Hasta los dlc no hay
Ethereal Items is not yet Included in the Retail game of Nioh 2 , however they will bring it back on the next DLC's and from the Season Pass i believe... so Far only Divine in Nioh 2 in 1.08 Patch
Can you get the mask from the trailer?
Yeah, kato’s mask
Its not katos mask, its a samurai mask hes asking for, not the cloth mask. Im looking for that one aswell but it seems that its not in the game atm. :(
It's the night raider set. The mask you see in the cinematic is the mask paired with the night raider helmet. It's just that you can't get a version of the mask without the helmet.
Can someone tell me where to farm or get the smithing text for Genmei Onmyo Mage set?
If I remember correctly it is in "The Nine Symbols" Dojo Mission (Recommended Level 215). But maybe you can do it in normal difficulty (Dream of the Samurai), this I don't know.
does anyone know what set the armour on the noh 2 mc at opening scene?
I've played through all missions and I don't think I've seen that set. As far as i know its not a set in game. Maybe it'll be in future dlc.
it's the night rider set
sorry i meant it's the night raider set, not rider
Anyone know if it’s possible to get kasha’s armor set
Does anyone know if it is possible to get kasha’s armor set