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a cat is fine too
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There is a missing mission with Kasha. She appears as the boss in a mission taking place in the same 'area' as Winds of Ruin and Dawn of Hope.
I've been looking for this particular mission for half an hour to farm for her core but I swear it's been deleted in the last week or something because it's gone.
You fight upwards a tower through some ninja before exiting the building out a destroyed wall down two roofs and into the courtyard where you fight her and a couple of yokai.
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Thats a Twilight Mission, so its just on a random rotation
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Beat hear sekiro style with sword in mid stance using deflects from Backwave. Onryoki soul core for gaki spawns and water oni for dmg. She still does a lot of chip dmg, but if you deflect whip attacks its managable since you dont lose ki. Pretty hard boss for me.
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I want her to hit me and I dont hit back, I cant beat this boss!
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I like this boss but a lot of her attacks will miss if you're right in front of her which is unfortunate, it led to me beating the boss a little too quickly for my liking
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It was really hard to play with one hand.
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would pat.....probably.....
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first guide with this level of details, and images, how come...
oh a Cat boss, no wonder ;)