By Anonymous
Can loot smithing text, Sohaya Tsurugi
By Anonymous
An awful fight, can stunlock your character, grapple you at a moments notice, spam his attacks without a second thought, definitely not playtested & an unwelcome obstacle in an otherwise fun mission
By Anonymous
Add "Smithing Text: Tobikura Kusarigama" to the list of drops. Just dropped for me after defeating him in "The Third Word" sub-mission.
By Anonymous
He does not regenerate Ki whilst in the air, making it his most vulnerable stage and due to his grab move his most dangerous too. His grab move is almost done in sets of two, before or after shooting, whichever he ends on he usually lands, at which point he presents a brief opening for attack.

His ground phase is a mix between spamming fire balls and his very damaging but massively telegraphed forward sword swings up close, and spamming rifle shots in either sets of three which are well telegraphed easily dodged or single shots from a kneeling position which he can switch into very quickly, making them much harder to dodge.

His teleport behaviour is predictable and exploitable, he will either teleport behind you or to the spot where he initially spawned, you will lose target lock when he teleports, but he is also open to attack following his teleport.

He is very vulnerable to water and to corruption to proc the confused effect, he can be set on fire but at reduced damage, and is highly resistant to lightning.

Differences between difficulty levels are stark, Samurai and Strong he's relatively easy, from Demon on up he is absurdly more difficult and extremely resistant to ranged projectile damage. Still plenty vulnerable to direct melee strikes, but hits harder and teleports more often. Splitstaff in high stance is very effective as it can reliably inflict high health damage and ki damage even whilst he's in the air, all hatchet throwing damage is dramatically reduced, but can be used to chip him down if you have the patience.
By Anonymous
Come on now, this game's cheat bosses were always a thing. You guys should have played their games that influenced Nioh like Sanada Spirit and Berserk Band of the Hawk to see where all this comes from. Maybe they will do a better job of balancing in that rumored Chinese themed Nioh.
By Anonymous
Everyone harps on Toshimitsu and Honda for being cheap but this guy is the cheapest human boss in the game. His Ki regen and bar is infinite. I play tonfa and have 99 in courage and heart at 20 and he still "out-Ki's" me unless he wiffed an attack first. On top of that he almost never flinches to heavy attacks.

I hate this game for the grab attacks alone but this guy has the worst grab in the game. It's instant does tons of damage and since it is instant it does not matter that it's slightly telegraphed. Also he teleports when he wiffs it which is just straight up bullshido and ruins any sort of balance. The player is punished for reading incorrectly and the player is not rewarded for reading correctly.

I know that it's more or less impossible for a game to make a realistic depiction of a musket / front loading firearm fun but this is just ridiculous. Even the player at least simulates some sort of reload but this guy has a fully automatic tanegashima. It does not fit well with the rest of the nioh universe.

Also his sword attack (that he never uses thankfully) is just a "No, you're beating me fairy! I don't want to play anymore!"-move that can insta-kill you if you are wearing light armor.

Also, what is up with his guardian spirit moves/attacks? Sometimes he spams them endlessly. Has he got no meter for that thing at all?

His smug remarks also does him no credits. He's a cheating/hacking neckbeard in his mom's basement, he's got no right to feel good about himself when he wins. I hope some day he turns that taneBullShima on himself. God I hate him more than anything in this game.
By Anonymous
Since I either played Onmyo Mage or Shinobi, I never struggled with any of the mentioned bosses or this one, Sloth and Paralysis do wonders of slowing him down and if you opt for an Onmyo build you can even reflect his bullets back to him with a Gust Talisman so in a sense you can make him eat his TaneBullShima, there is a item version so any build can use it as well.
By Anonymous
Wears light armor yet takes negligible ki damage even from a weapon such as odachi.. hmm..