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Onmyo mains not looking like they have a whole lot of options...
Tell me about it.
Wait, was that like sarcasm? Lol because onmyo has hella options with all the increased elemental damage spirits. Spec'd magic for switchglaive + elemental damage on top of the buff and you're broken.
you can even spec active skills to have increased damaged scaled with your magic stat


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It might feel that way till you get Mystic arts in Onmyo. With faster casting i no longer need Genbu as primary spirit. As for other bonuses - you have to also count soul cores passives on your primary spirit, so you have a lot of build options.
Actually lots of options. Only 1 guardian spirit improves Onmyo magic in general. HOWEVER 1/4 of guardian spirits in the game boosts elemental damage and Onmyo is main source of elements in the game. Also lots of item sets boosts various elemental stuff. Onmoyo is very powerfull and allows for plenty of powerful builds. It are axe's which could use some extra variety.
yeah guys, literally 1 spirit for elemental damage and 1 set for unlimited onmyo, thats SOOO many options. i dont complain coz this is enough, but its so funny when melee players talking about nonexistent "options" for onmyo mains while themselves having several dozens of choises, not just 1 spirit for mages or 1 for gunners
Does 2nd guardian spirit gets the benefit of soul core passive?
The ONLY thing you get from your secondary spirit is whatever is beside the fox icon. And at 50% it's value.


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Besides fox icon you also get benefit that's at bottom of skill list, just above soul cores. Usualy it's small thing like Lightning damage +5%. Also it often changes depending if spirit is primary or secondary - for example Shin-Roku adds +5% Yokai Ability Damage (Brute) as primary spirit, but +5% lighting damage as secondary.
That boost at the bottom of the list is actually based on spirit combination not which slot it’s in: 2 of the same burst type gives 5% yokai ability damage (for that type: brute, feral etc) 2 of the same element give 5% element damage of that kind, brute+feral is ki consumption yokai shift, phantom + feral is anima charge active skill, brute plus phantom I can’t remember. As well as that there are a few unique special combos such as the nine tailed fox and two headed bird giving heal self and allies melee kill. Elemental boost is always top priority btw so if you’re aiming for a particular combination bonus make sure you use guardian spirits of different elements
I've been using 2 lightning guardians with about 5 pieces of the Obsidian Samurai set for increased effectiveness. This set up has carried me through most of the game, as it would appear not many enemies are too resistant to lightning.
How to activate guardian spirit on death? It was happening I. My 1st playthrough but in my 2nd playthrough I changed the stat and skill and now it's not happening.
It’s a passive on some items called “critical yokai shift) or something like that
As other guy said it is passive and % based. Even if you have this effect it will sometimes not trigger.
It is provided by: - Okuri-Inu (guardian spirit). - Soul Cores (usually as random trait (you know soul cores have 2 guaranted and locked traits and 2-3 random traits))(. -??? hehe I want to say there are probably more possible sources of this effect ??? It triggers when you are in Dark realm and you take blow which could be fatal. I'm unsure if it can be triggered when your metamorphosis meter is not filled or recovering. Usefull safety net but given that it only works in dark realm I wouldn't relied on it too much.


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Not seeing much here for Ninjutsu. I miss Aya-Komori.
Nekomata is meant for Ninjutsu
This guy gets it
One spirit does not make for good support, especially given how many options Onmyo magic has for builds.



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Late to the party, but the requirements might be a good addition if anyone feels like it.
highest number i have seen was 58 on Ambie but i didnt check em all.
also since 20 is the first soft cap on stats and 30 the "mid" cap you should skill 30 points in everything first anyway. So no problem at all.
(if you want to max stats not only damage) (Every point after that has diminishing returns) (also not sure about the hardcap since im not that high in level)
What are the new ones that came with the last DLC?
well i whish more spirits would be more viable ...
also would be nice if the secondary skills would be the skills that stand out on the spirits.
For example ho-oh*s "Calming Breath" skill or Genbu*s "Stalwart".
Secondary spirits feel kind of weak ...
Then learn to swap your guardians during missions and in mid combat depending on what you are fighting, a lightning guardian would suck against Seven Gods.

The reason why they are "Weak" as you put it, is because Living Weapon and Guardians were seriously overpowered and far too easy to abuse, this is how they balanced it, and personally i prefer this system over the one from the first game.
Needs more Kato