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Worst boss ever made
You obviously never played ‘Remnant: From the Ashes.’ Worst. Boss. EVER!!!
Please enlighten me on this crap boss from Remnant: From the Ashes. I want in on ripping trash games to shreds.
So, is this one of Tokichiro's many women he's snagged (Nene? don't see anything on Lady Osakabe). I know Chc-Cha is mentioned in game and she's not around till Nioh DLC, that and she's mentioned by her father.
Search for "Osakabe hime". She is a yokai from the japanese folklore, like many ennemies in the game. ;)
Like many of Nioh bosses, Lady Osakabe is a yokai taken from the japanese folklore. Here is all you need to know about her =>
After looking up this "osakabe hime", this is actually a really cool take on the source material. Interesting that the castle it possessed was also historically one of Hideyoshi's.
looks so **** cool but the fight is a ***** watch them make us fight kaito at a roof with her behind him pls dont
Reminds me of the Big Sister boss from The Surge... getting shot at from all sides while trying to hit other parts of the boss makes for an annoying fight.
Are not many people this far in to the game. This is the first boss I’ve had trouble with so I try summoning. I waited like 30 min and couldn’t summon anyone through the shrine and I’m burning through cups doing the blue revenants because they just die instantly
Dunno if you beat her but I'm on here also looking for 1
If you need help, let me know.
The reason it takes a year to summon someone is because there's so many people that need help but not many people helping. Sorry about that, my dude.
The arrow lady by the spa stays alive with buffs
If your having trouble beating here just invest a little time to get your Onmyo magic up for the buffs. If you get all three element resistances buffs the boss is a cake walk. Half the issue with this boss is the god awful ailments she puts on you in one hit. An also aim for the eyes with Hand Cannons.
Easy Boss , by this point of the game ( Since you had to kill another Enera , Yatsu-no-kami & also Kasha ) for this Monstrosity to deal with is Hilarious but somewhat Nasty at the same time LOL... anyways , dont go alone ( Try atleast having 1 back up Benevolant Grave summon as NPC , this would make the 4 limbs be divided in focus meaning as you Hit the limb infront of you , the 2 or 3 others will probably attack your NPC friend ) I honestly suggest immediately using all your Hand Cannon Ammo blasting through all the Limbs.... as you approach the Arena just try Bullseye by shooting the Eyes of the Limbs you are focusing on ( 6 Hand Cannon ammo with 4 other Explosive Upgraded Ammo should be enough to down 3 Limbs easily ) this tactic should atleast be 40% of her main Life Bar just by using Hand Cannon & another NPC benevolant friend help... also if you felt stuck without Hand Cannon Ammo , remember her all Yokais are Weak to Purity ( and if your using a Bow as secondary Ranged Weapon , the Sacred Arrows are imbued with Purity that deal good damage... 9 Sacred Arrow shots should also Kill 1 Limb aswell ) try saving all your Stuff within the 2nd Phase of the fight , as in the Dark Realm would be summoned ( Since this Boss Battle is about endurance , if you use Onmyo Magic try equipping Rejuvination Talismans and other like Fire/Water/Lightning Stop talismans which greatly reduce the Elemental Damage and the Debuff Ailments aswell ) Goodluck
What a ******* advice. "Just summon someone to help you". My ****ing god
Been farming her alot. Finally got confirmed drop of Smithing Text: Red Demon Armor. Now i am going for Seventh Sword Tonfa for the gun skill. I will post other confirmed drops as i get them(the ones that arent listed. Confirmed: Smithing Text: Echoing Thunder(Imbued Lightning Hatchets)


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Smithing Text: Raikiri(Imbued Lightning Katana) Confirmed.
Thank you for your effort, honestly. It must have sucked to to that.
Hot, badly designed RNG garbage. Not hard. Absolutely not. But when dodging a basic attack from full health, you WILL be stunned by an elemental bubble (Bonus points if it electrifies you) and immediately killed by main-head lasers. Happened to me many times during the stream today. Total and utter***** *****ing boss. Hate it.