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By Anonymous
I just hate invading in this game and there being no dread of being properly solo invaded. I can't get into it. My favorite pvp is early pvp, abd it had alot, and I mean, ALOT of potential, but after losing 90% of all my invasions, because someone is smurfing with their max level friend who can spam serpent sword 10 times in a row without chugging the blue juice, I throw in the towl. I get it, I invade someone and try to ruin their day and I should be at a disadvantage, but in this game you don't spawn in as a pradator, just as more pray. Early pvp in this game is ****ing dead and I hate it and no amount of balancing will fix this
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last update seems to be a step in the right direction

don't know why they didn't do it before

now RoB users can't use their rubbish excuse about PvE and PvP

tho its still been nerfed
By Anonymous
Pvp still sucks
By Anonymous
One of the most overlooked aspects of this entire game is how it handles multiple opponents with the camera and input.
Dark souls has never been good at this, but when fighting 3 v 1 it’s atrocious. Not only do you have to deal with the camera of the person rushing you, you have to deal with spam spells coming from nowhere within the camera range, all while dodging attacks from another player. It would be great if there was like an overhead camera to switch to or an item or something, other than that bird telescope.
By Anonymous
Who came with idea to create 20 different ways of multiplayer? Just do coop or invasion. Good point with duel, but still. This is over the top. And the worst thing is, that it does not work very well.
By Anonymous
Recently coming back to finish Elden ring, did we ever agree what the pvp level was? 125? 150?
By Anonymous
Pvp for me is pretty much pressing all the red signs at academy gate, waiting for 99.9percent of them to fail. Getting bored of doing that then luring for 10minutes to no avail, then dropping my yellow sign to get summoned and hoping an invader pops in which they do like 2 percent of the time. Then I'll randomly get summoned to a fight club after 5 hours of trying to matchmake and now the reds and the blues are all spinning around in circles as mimics for n hour straight and then I go to bed.
By Anonymous
I know gankers with dropped/cheated in gear and level ~125-800 phantoms are always going to BM because that's what they live for, but why all the BM every time I invade anyone else? I'm just playing the game, just like you.
By Anonymous
average "invaders ruin the game" player vs average "invaders are minibosses" enjoyer
By Anonymous
elden ring's pvp is so godawful it made me realize that maybe ds3 pvp wasn't so bad
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