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By Anonymous
*Points down*
By Anonymous
Invaders love getting a point down from a host they invaded, so everyone remember to avoid cancerous bowing in Elden ring and use an honorable point down, even when you kill worthless scummy trash like an invader. Be respectful and y'all will get respect.
By Anonymous
*drops carving* Hellooooo
By Anonymous
If you start as [img] and speedrun for weapon name, you can make the ultimate twink.
By Anonymous
"Further, given the progressive steps to limit “harassment” pvp, we expect to see measures to avoid invasions or hostile play, and provide a structure for those who want to focus on PvP to fully engage with it, be it in an arena or by auto-summon covenant mechanics."

That kinda sucks... to me being invaded and invading at any time has been so unique and so much fun in Souls games - labeling it as "harassment" downplays it so much.

Sure I approve if they manage to remove actual harassment like low level twinking - but matching invaders mostly against gank squads (by that logic isnt that just replacing harassment with harassment?) and homogenizing build variation (by disabling poise, not making truly unique weapons and movesets, making r1 spam mandatory because everyone staggers, not having good enough netcode for fast movesets) is just simply trash design.

I think they should just remove invasion if they don't care about it enough to make it balanced.
By Anonymous
It’s perfect now.
By Anonymous
nah harassment is literally the most fitting and perfect description for what it really is. gankers who just want to waste and ruin someones time are the only ones who have any negative feelings about this.
By Anonymous
they did make it balanced by removing the griefing aspect. no need to take the feature out entirely just because you're a butthurt snowflake.
By Anonymous
Yeah, you're right, they gutted PvP. I couldn't imagine trying to get into invading in this game. I've got a few buddies new to the series that I tried to convince to try invading, and all of them decided it was *******.
By Anonymous
this was so laughable considering d2 had damn good pvp
By Anonymous
I agree, full garbage mechanics.
Casuals shouldn't be able to play this game not only only but at all. ****ing crying kids.
By Anonymous
It's arguably the most balanced it's ever been, twinks going for 1v1s on mid level players still going through the game was never balanced.
By Anonymous
I mean when you get invaded in DS3 by 2 people at the same time making it 2v1 + mobs, and the invaders hide with mobs, makes the game extremely unfun especially for new players when the same people keep invading. I have had fun with invading, but most invaders are toxic in my experience
By Anonymous
*throws poop to someone's corpse*
By Anonymous
I mean if you want to play the game without getting invaded just... play offline?
By Anonymous
why are y'all booing them? they're right
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
you are losing the ability to read other messages, see bloodstaines and do coop.
With Elden Ring people who dont want to be invaded, wont get invaded now without losing the other online features.
So I think this is actually a good compromise for solo players who are focusing on doing pve only.
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By Wolf_Pwnz_Noobs
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If he's right, explain how would he be able to utilize 95% of the other online features not involving minority being invading? I would like to read the explanation.
By Anonymous
Some people like to read online message signs and touch bloodstains without getting invaded. Only players that like to grief others hate the change.
By Anonymous
Just play as hollow, its that easy.......
By Anonymous
Who cares about solo rule, 90% of invasions I get are ganks anyway nothing new here.
By Anonymous
Shame we now have to account for the 90% likelihood by default.
By Anonymous
As a 100 percent solo player I don’t mind having the mechanics for being invaded even if it’s a twinker cause they’ll actually fight me. They will look to engage, what I can’t stand is the *******s who invade and sit in the middle of a group of enemies and refuse to engage a solo host. A way to solve this I feel would be to have a ring that will permanently half the invaders health during the invasion if they want to hide behind enemies and have the AI aggro at all times at invaders not wearing that ring
By Anonymous
In ds 3 they added Seed of a Giant Tree solely for this reason
By Anonymous
The tree seed did a better job. It was in ds 2 originally btw.
By Anonymous
Demon Souls and Dark souls 1 & 2 had such cool invasion mechanics, was people really so unhappy with those that they had to be gutted for Bloodborne and DS3?
By Anonymous
Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 1 & 3 had mostly the same mechanic. As for your question, people get mad when things don't go their way. So they complain and companies listen to childish rants that lack irony. All must learn the golden rule; get good out of our games!
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