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"Second area" My god you guys suck at explaining anything.


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Well, if thats too vague for you, then why don't you check out the video link that's up under it?
"Oh no its too vague" dumbass, there is only one area with mushroom people in the Darkroot Garden
It seems to be another person just giving a bad reputation to this wiki. Honestly I haven’t run into a single problem with it in over 3 playthroughs.
First area is before Alvina with all the scrub defenders.

2nd area is the one with the mushrooms, rolling cat trio, and Sif (who is a good boy).
Youre a bit of a spastic aint ya?
The numbers between this and the Magic upgrade path are confusing to me. If you invest solely in Intelligence, with minimum requirements for a weapon of choice, is it more effective to do Enchanted weapons or Magic weapons?


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In general, I'd say for pure INT builds, Enchanted will give you more bang for your buck. Taking a Magic Shortsword+10 and Enchanted Shortsword+5 as an example, the Magic has a base damage of 147/157 while the Enchanted only has 141/143. Seems worse, huh? Well the scaling is the kicker here. The Magic has B scaling for INT (around 87%) while the Enchanted has A scaling (around 130%). At 50 INT, the Magic will give you scaling damage around +111 and the Enchanted will be around +149. The extra 38 scaling damage tends to make up for the 20 less base damage as long as your DEX and STR are low and you aren't missing out on more than a few points of physical scaling damage since the Magic has slightly higher physical scaling. Enchanted weapons are pretty niche and really only work for pure INT builds for this reason. Hope that helps.
Magic has better base damage but Enchanted has better scaling. If you're sticking to 30-40 Int then there's not much difference, but once you go to 50-60 Int+ Enchanted is better. Magic will generally be better around 30 and below.
Another small advantage with enchanted is that you can get the ember pretty early, and should be guaranteed at least one blue chunk from the BKH in darkroot. And if lucky with the RNG, more blue chunks from the crystal golems by the hydra lake.

This would allow you to ascend at least one weapon to enchanted, provided you farmed green shards from the depths or blight town.

A dedicated Int build player could, in theory, get this done before ringing a single bell...