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Not to sure how to add it, but the smithing text for the Odachi: Bloodspider Blade can drop from Nure-Onna, the snake women yokai. I just got mine from one of them in The Viper's Sanctum level.
Someone have an idea of the number of Raven Tengu to kill for the Little Crow and Quickdraw smithing text ?
The "Womans Face Mask" Smithing text can be dropped by the Nure-Onna, Snake woman yokai.
Koroka spear smithing text (youkai weapon) drop from Koroka (floating black robe with spear) . I got it from sub mission "the shrine of oaths"
Can we assume the master armour text comes from they guy who wears it?
that's usually how it works but I've been farming trying to get the tatenashi set for over 100 tries on the boss and still no drop, so i'm unsure. but it is how it worked in nioh 1
Flying Bolt drop Woman's face mask smithing text Namahage drop Bloodstained blade smithing text (odachi)
Yatsu-No-Kami = Shinto Priest/ Priestess set Enenra (twilight mission) Barbarian Hatchets (corruption) Yamamba - Yamamba's Knives (dual swords corruptuion) The snake girl - Woman's Face Mask The snalke girl (twilight mission) - Bloodspider blade
I got a very rare one to drop from a random enemy...and then my game crashed
mitsume yazura = demon god mask Enenra = Enenra mask Imagawa Yoshimoto = weathered bone and bleached twig (dual blades) + tokagemaru (sword) + master archer set + a weapon skill (switchglaive) The next ones will only have the main mission's number to avoid boss spoilers main mission 5 = rotten rope cutter main mission 6 = white bone spirit tonfa (corruption) + genryuu set main mission 7 = merchants attire set main mission 8 = double headed snake tonfa (corruption) + a weapon skill (odachi)