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Mmmh seems to be outdated: "Accessories that belong to a set bonus that have resting rites performed on them from a Stone of Penance will also gain the + Version of the set."

I have not one Trinket, which has a low level Setbonus on it. Only Sets from of the Wise occur and there is no +Set of them.

maybe i'm missing something??
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The Versatility on the Warrior of the West set is misspelled as VersatiLTY instead of VersatiLITY and leads to the wrong page because of it.
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So it's better to get a grace set then armor with set bonuses? The stats etc on the graces look far stronger then any of the listed armor set stats.
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yes, but they only drop on higher difficulties (why they're stronger)
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I am Wang Dong
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Love how if you want to use light armor, you need to also use a spear, Ninjutsu, or Onmyo.