By Anonymous
Whoever designed this boss,i hope you burn in hell
By Anonymous
I defeat the boss in 3 attempts, with hatchets and light weight, the boss seemed incredible to me, I go to the comments of the wiki and I see that everyone hates him, sad
By Anonymous
I’ve beat ruin draws near at least 100x maybe even more and STILL haven’t gotten the art of combat for hatchets. Then I was looking up videos of other ppl that have it and I noticed that the spot that deadly spiral goes is already unlocked on my game but what I have is called wild surge 2. So how do I get the art of combat if the spot is already taken by something else I unlocked like a year ago?
By Anonymous
Dunno why the devs made this boss so hard. Probably hardest boss in the base game and I don't find it fun at all.
By Anonymous
Idk why people hate this guy so much he killed me like 3 times and i think he is pretty badass
By Anonymous
For anyone new to this game who had hit a roadblock with this boss..... character and equipment levels matter a lot. Stuck? Level up and come back later. Trying this at Level 70 or below was impossible for me.
By Anonymous
Thanks Nioh! I would say it was fun whilst it lasted but it wasn't. My 1st and last Nioh game.
By Anonymous
Ruin draws near? Yep, this boss has ruined several builds I've tried. Most unfair over powered boss. Not fun, not fun at all
By Anonymous
I hate this boss SO MUCH. I'd totally use blue summon nearby. The AI seem broken, he just stood and eat dmg. But try your best to get so back stabs. With purification talisman, you get 2x or 3x dmg. I use throw hatchet, which safe when summon has agro. When the boss transform, hope your summon still alive for few more second. Unlook your cannon, rifle rounds.

After 50%, I have no idea, just luck. When the boss return to normal, rebuff purification and roll to middle of ring. Never ever stand near wall. Use Burst counter to escape. When he transform again, hopefully your gauge is full as well. If he's at about 25%, just dps him down.
By Anonymous
Stuck on this boss for months, I just cannot figure out a consistent way to battle him. I'm not trying to **** on the devs because of gamer rage since I'm way past that point, but so far out of all the Nioh bosses in the series, his design is the worst. Outrageous damage and HP, a damn water closet of an arena to fight him in, leaves almost no room to get damage in whatsoever AND he wipes the floor with almost any character in 2-3 hits. Absolute garbage design. I'd fight the Giant Centipede from Nioh 1 over him for 10 thousand times. If he at least had reasonable, multi-second openings, I'd say it's perfect, but as he is, it's just taking the piss on players and/or atrocious boss design all in all.
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