By Anonymous
***** this boss
By Anonymous
Yeah, second that. ***** this boss honestly. Insane health and insanely annoying spammy charge moves.
By Anonymous
Does he just drop a mortal soul core or does he have his own unique soul core?!
By Anonymous
Same question here budday. Just got 6th kill on him polishing up ng+ and no core... Core trophy last one I need and only can assume it's this asshat's.
By Anonymous
*****in bull*****of a boss. Make one *****in mistake and you are dead. And the fight lasts 5 min. ***** this*****.
By Anonymous
Ah man, when he goes dark realm all hell breaks loose. Lmao
By Anonymous
Why do I always die when I need one more hit on the boss. Lol
By Anonymous
Guys I see lot of negative comments. Just prepare in the right way for the bossfight. Nioh is base on numbers and %. Is not that hard the game if u take your time to undestand the mechanics of it (the smithing, the affinity ecc.ecc). The game give you ALL the tools to DESTROY every single bossfight at the first time.
By Anonymous
among all the useless comments, this one is the most useless of them all. You basically say "git gud" to everyone struggling on this boss. Instead of writing useless stuff, why don't you write some useful info, like some tactics, since apparently you are SO GOOD at this game that you can see the code like you're Neo in the matrix.
By Anonymous
JUsT pReParE iN ThE rIGht WaY Yeah, you either suffered like everyone else against this absolute*****ty boss or you have no life and could, unlike the rest of us, spend hours upon hours day after day grinding away until it was no longer an issue. ***** off with your bull*****
By Anedime
Someone who can't understand the difference between critical of something and being bad at something, isn't fit to give technical advice. Not that anyone asked you anyway.
By Anonymous
The salt mine overfloweth
By Anonymous
It looks like you have found the games hidden difficulty slider and have slid it all the way to “just the story
By Anonymous
This boss' difficulty depends mostly on your playstyle. On my light armor dex/courage build I beat him 3 try while kasha killed me like 15 times
By Anonymous
I liked this fight the first 40th time, but then it kinda gets old. The worst for me, is the insta-180°-grab after some charges. I absolutely can't see it and it one shot me, pure and simple. The rest of the fight is manageable but this particular grab setup just got me killed like 80% of all the attemps I've made so far. Just a tad less HP could make this boss still a good challenge but less of a hassle, just sayin'.
By Anonymous
Faster than sonic Hits like a nuke tanks hits like an MMO boss 20 levels above you. He takes no breaks and barely leaves any openings. How did even a single dev think this is fine?
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