By Anonymous
This boss taught me that blocking is way more viable than dodging in nioh 2. Sure you obviously have to watch for grapples but this game has better blocking than dodging unlike souls
By Anonymous
It really depends on your setup. Blocking in light armor with certain weapon types is terrible. Also you have more iframes when you roll than dasb.
By Anonymous
Adjusting your aim lock makes all the difference.

No lock initially. Let him bury his arms then run up and hit an arm. Repeat until BOTH ARMS ARE ALMOST DEAD.

Then kill one arm. You can use a bow to kill the other. Killing both arms deals ~1200 damage to the boss on NG.

When he goes into the dark realm. Aim lock his head (not his body). Wind up a heavy attack as he moves towards you. If you wait until he attacks to counter attack your window is too small.

I beat him with hatchets (very little thows). Tried tonfa but the ki damage pushed him into the dark realm too quickly before I could kill his arms.
By Anonymous
Recommended level 24? I was level 35 and struggled like crazy. I've played and completed loads of similar games but this boss was way too hard. I summoned a level 54 NPC but it was useless. I have done it now using slightly cheesy tactics, wait for boss to stick arms into the ground and hit its head, rinse repeat.
By Anonymous
If you treat this game like it's a souls game, it will punish you.

Anyway- this guy has nothing on later fights. You'll get the hang of it with time and practice. Just do yourself a favor and look ups some tips- at minimum, there isn't much reason to not dip your toes into Onmyo and/or Ninjutsu. (you dont need a lot of points into their stats to get good use of utility skills. As an example, this guy is weak to lightning, and lightning damage procs slow status, making this fight a lot easier. Both Omnyo and ninjutsu can give you access to the relevant element. Strictly speaking, you don't *need* to use any of this, but it'll make your life a lot less stressful.)
By Anonymous
Literally just beat this boss first try with odachi mostly on top stance and purifycation talismans + the 2nd npc summon in this mission.

gotta admit some of its attacks dont have much windup but as long as you can hit its head its massive ki damage on the boss so its gg. The digging snakes only hit me once and mostly you can abvoid them by moving away, not even dodging or rolling and every time it used them, it was a free head shot for me.
By Anonymous
Very tough. When i finally took him down, i got yourself exhausted, like i was fighting with Umi-Bozu and Hino-Enma simultaneosly.
By Anonymous
I refund on this boss. Trash game. Pinnacle of artificial difficulty. If you're a masochist fanboy then go ahead play this trash game lmao.
By Anonymous
Wow... you must be REALLY salty... have you ever considered working at a cheap fast food establishment?
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Looks like someone got filtered
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This was actually a fairly easy fight with the spear.
Concentrated my first few attacks on the second snake of his dig attack until that snake was dead. after that I attacked after basically every one of his attacks the side with the second snake with midstance ligth swings, hitting both the snake and him.
The second arm is normally done before he lost all his ki, making him pretty predictable from that point on, even in the following Yokai realm phase.
Downside was that the snakes respawn after every Yokai realm.

Dont know about his late game form though
By Anonymous
this boss is kind of a joke early game, but in end-game scenarios he's really really ***really*** tough and annoying.

one of the ways i beat him end-game is by using the DLC3's Last boss' yokai ability whenever the snakes would pop up, as this is a very easy way to remove their ki and get the Confused debuff on them, making them a piece of cake.

(this info goes for Early and late game) use a Lightning talisman. Since that's the boss's "weakness", not to mention lightning is one of the best elements in the game anyways due to it slowing the enemy's actions.
By Anonymous
Uncanny contrast... I found the early game encounter way more challenging than any of the late game ones.
By Anonymous
Is it just me or does the first blade charge after the cutscene stagger you but deal no damage
By Anonymous
Of course I take damage from it the hour after I post this lol. Forget I said anything.