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Gave 1 a heartstone and got 1 back with 3 spirit stones...


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Note: Do not give a Sudama Salt. He will shock you
Shockiiing! :D



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Give them best weapon of type you don't use. It will give you random one back with same rarity and similar level.
One asked me for "that round stinky thing" so I gave it a dung ball and got some purple crafting materials.
lmao they cherish "human things" and what's more human than a piece of dung.


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I gave a dung ball to one that asked for it and it gave me back a book of reincarnation i think i hit the jackpot !
I have noticed that once you can understand the Sudama sometimes they make specific requests. The only two I’m aware of are for “The smelly round thing” and for “The warm thing” Respectively, the items dropped should be a Noble Dung Ball and a Summoner’s Candle.
I got electrocuted when i gave him a noble dung ball
Dropping an herbal medicine is a guaranteed Summoner’s Candle
anyone know what's up with them randomly being large (about twice their normal size)? It's happening to me since dream of the strong.
Dark realm I believe
You can drop two items for the big boys if you're quick.
Drop 2 soul cores without leaving the menu. The first one will be re rolled. The second will disappear.
For “The warm thing” I give Sake, the Sudama seems to be happy, gave me Book of reincarnation, drunk boy is big spender