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No body?
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Body is Constitution now. Same stat, different name.
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So when I want to Play the switchglaives, I also have to boost magic, even If I dont want to Play with Magic and would prefer ninjutsu?
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Each weapon scales with three stats. Magic is the main for the switch, but if you scanner the other two you will be fine. And once you get a ways into the game you can temper your weapon to get better scaling with Dex.
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I wouldn't recommend leveling your switch with CON or SKI as you would be less efficient. MAG is the blade's main stat, so it should always be the highest, even if you don't use magic because that's what scales your weapon dmg the best. For example, I am using the switchblade and have 20 CON, 10 SKI and 30 MAG for now. If you check your weapon stats, on the bottom you will see Base attack and then attack bonus 3 times. If you click on help, it will tell you what those stats are. And you will see that base scaling for the switchblade is CON at C, SKI at C and MAG at B+. What that means is that while con and ski will level the dmg, they will give 1-2 points as the mag will give 2-3 points of dmg.
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Should I just power level my main stat or should I equally distribute?
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You can work on your main stat, but you should go for 20 in each stat so you can equip anything as well as get all of the benefits from the guardian spirits.
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I would pick four or five stats to focus on. The magic and dex are useless to you if you're leaving those skill trees alone.
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Pump your main stat, put half in your secondary, half or less in your third. When you get weapon remodeling you can up your main wepon stat to A at the expense of your other ones, but eventually you'll reach the cap.
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I believe the focus leveling in one stat is against what the nioh games wants. If you focus level one stat you need somewhere between 100-150 levels in one stat to see a 20-30% dmg increase. So investing in other stat like magic and ninjustu is actually in your interest. Bring all stat to around 10-15 since you get highest return at those levels. Getting magic and ninjujsu to help deal with a variety of situations is the best way to help progress through the story easier. Even if you did not pick said weapons for magic and ninjustu
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GameFaq User - LotoPhoenixlord Made a Topic with all Core Stats and what each point does for each Stat. can be used to make a Cap/Limit/ Build Ad. on here
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max stat level is 99 for now
By thelordelric
So I've noticed that the Equipment Menu and Status menu don't show the same attack number. My equiment menu tells me my weapon has 753 attack, but the Battle Stats say its attack is 709. Why is this? Which number is my actual attack score? Its like this for any weapon I equip. The Status screen always shows a lower number.
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Battle stats show you the weapons damage. The equipment menu includes attack bonuses, mainly those from attuned soul cores in your guardian spirit
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Not all of your damage is consistant. Not every attack is doing 100% of your ar because thay would mean grapples would deal the same amount as an r1. Also there's defence values of enemies that reduce the amount of damage you deal to them. And there's damage bonuses that will make you deal damage too like bonus damage against posioned enemies or bonus damage with elemental damage.
By bladeoftheheavens182
so, as of the moment, i have 30 in all core stats (DotS/NG+) except stamina which i have 50 so i can wear heavier medium armors (a bit excessive, but i started as a heavy/odachi char in NG).

my question is should i reroll for any specific build or is my spread ok seeing im swapping weapons whenever i get a weapon to 30 proficiency since it wont go any higher.

i have odachi, switchglave, katana, duel blades, and split staf maxed and i use both onmyo and ninjutsu... am i spread too thin? probably a silly question... the game is certantly playable, but would i do more dmg/take less dmg if i focused my build better?

using gallant set and matching katana as main weapon and 2nd weapon is any one im NOT maxed out on at the time.
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30 everwhere is nice.
By Anonymous
Spread too thin. Gotta get your 1 main attack stat to 99 (or 200) if you want to do damage.
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how can i break the lvl of 99 on my stats
ive saw people that is same level than me but they have 150 on contitucion, or 120 on stamina, i have all on 99, how can i rise more lvl on my stats? or when?
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You have to beat Dream of the Demon (NG+) in order to raise your stats above 99, meaning you need to unlock Dream of the Wise (NG2+)
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I really want to know how much the letters bonuss actually give