By Anonymous
Cool idea. Hope some cool characters like B2 or Vergil will join.
By Anonymous
please someone create Tanjiro the Demon Slayer Anime
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By Dreissea
I'll take a stab at it. I'll post it as a permanent code, so watch for it within the next day or so.
By Anonymous
Please! Guts!!!
By Anonymous
Kyriu or majima from yakuza series plz
By Anonymous
If anyone could make Esdeath from Akame ga Kill I would be eternally in your debt.
By Anonymous
this is my joker character code if you wanna see it: 2pc?vPA=TkrPz
By Anonymous
I made simple Tsunade. Code: 4UoE5zhVg?+Bi Tips: use either shrine maiden outfit or shinobi.
By Anonymous
Wish someone could make Azula from avatar the last airbender. I suck at character creation..
By Anonymous
Hey there! I see my 2B character code (&pQU4REQuYwuz) is featured, nice. I made an update to it, she now looks *much* more like 2b than she previously did. Here is the Character Code : UScDiXo5uEkuj ~ JayHeartay
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