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By Anonymous
I really hope they just add more monstrous races, the races they have now are pretty cool, but boring for people that like to play more exotic races.
That being said, i'd like to see Dragonborn, Orc's, etc. added instead of all the half-version of some races.
By Anonymous
I'd like to see an option for Hal-orcs to look more Orcish along with the Pretty-Person-With-Tusks look. Since both are supposed to exist in the setting. Technically, pretty half-orcs come from Gray Orcs, and orc-y looking half-orcs come from mountain orcs. But I could see Larian simplifying it to something like "Orcborn of Civil-raised".
By Anonymous
Kobolds would make my day! Heres hoping! (Even if they're a dlc)
By Anonymous
Pretty sure Monster Races aren't being included.

Which, I honestly wouldn't blame Larian for passing them and Yuan-Ti up. They're already going to have a ton of work creating Half-Orc and Dragonborn player character models and equipment to fit them, on top of all the Class options. That's just so much work.
By Anonymous
Good thing there's no animal races but there's literally everything else, animal races are weird af. I like how you can make literal half breeds for each different type of elf
By Anonymous
Well, and animal-ish race is being planned. Dragonborn, tho those of the setting are more human-like. Basically just big people with dragon heads and scaly skin. No naturally occurring tails or wings.
By Anonymous
Laughing my *** off at all the scalies **** their pants in anger because they can't play a lizard like in Divinity: OS 2
By Anonymous
Well, it is not the fact that they are missing that annoys people, but rather the fact they were promised. Larian explicitly said that all "base game" D&D races from basic player handbook of D&D 5th edition will be in the game. That includes Dragonborn and also Orc. If they did not said that those races will be added then no one would complain. But the thing is - that they said they will be in the game, and so far they are not... and it is a bit late....
By Anonymous
To all the people complaining about missing monster races, do you really think the game would be better if almost every obscure race was added to the Baldurs Gate 3?
One of the coolest things about the game currently is how NPCs react differently to different races. If you add more races then every separate race will not be focused on very much. The entire game would have to become more streamlined. No studio is capable of devoting time to both fully fleshed branching paths for each distinct race while also adding dozens of race options. If you want minotaurs, aasimar, tabaxi, etc. to be added to the game then just wait for a mod to come out.
By Anonymous
Sounds like wasted effort then.

Why include races that aren't in the PHB over ones that are?

Start with the ones people are expecting then DLC the rest.
By Anonymous
But I wanna play a mimic, so I can sit around the whole game and people will throw a bunch of loot in my mouth.
By Anonymous
I really would like to see races like kobold,dragonborn,asimar,gnome,orc,half-orc,goblin,kenku,tabaxi and bugbear to add a vast variety of playstyles through the game but I wouldnt say goliath cause I think they may be too big for the games scaling unless they would fix that in the future and I wonder if multiclassing will eventually be a thing since I would personally love to make a rouge/fighter.
By Anonymous
Look at what is below myself
*Oh god the furries have come*
By Anonymous
https://www.geeknative.com/103964/the-m ... d-in-2020/

The fact that humans are the most played race is a bit depressing to me... but not entirely unexpected. That being said, Dragonborn must be included. A full-fledge D&D universe without them is just poorly planned.
Other popular races I'm sure many people would love to play as would be Tabaxi, goliath, aasimar and a few other classics.

I would suggest Aarokocra, but I could understand that a flying race such as that may be a bit game-breaking.
By Anonymous
Larian if you see this please make the half orcs look as fat and ugly as possible.
By Anonymous
Why fat? Orcs aren't necessarily fat. Brutish and muscular is more common for full orcs too.
By Anonymous
Lariat if you see this make half orcs look like muscular models.
By Anonymous
Drow should be a subrace of Elves, it should not be it's own race.
By Anonymous
They probably did that so that they could add allegiances of Lolth and Seldarine, without resorting to having a "subrace" within a subrace.
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