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I'm guessing that there is no way they'll add kobolds to play as even as dlc?
Unless they add goblins as the base race and have kobolds as a subrace for goblins.
they might add DLCs include non-core content, but I doubt it.
"Unless they add goblins as the base race and have kobolds as a subrace for goblins"
what are you talking about ?
kobolds are not related to goblins
Are these fix or could they add more? I hoping for the Aasimar Race.
I have a buddy who plays Goblins as his main race... I hope for his sake we can play as them.
Hello, I am kindda disapointed because there is a lot of races here that are basically similar to me (and devs answered that, for now, they will not add more races to that). I would have enjoyed to have Aasimar, Half-Orcs, Genasi... At this point, I would only choose human because there are lot of elves races and small races. The only one who is not that similar is Tiefling.
Where did they say that? If so, the race selection seems rather incomplete.
No Dragonborn. Not getting it.
Hopefully they will add more as time passes, including dragonborn.
they'll have 15 races on release
including dragonborn
Dragonborn and kobolds or a kobold companion like Tartuk form Pathfinder Kingmaker https://pathfinderkingmaker.gamepedia.com/Tartuk I know not a lot of people will agree and I know a playable kobold race is asking a lot but it could always come out as dlc or something along that line then who wants it can get and those who don't well don't have to get it.
Besides I don't think they will release a playable kobold race
I would love to see Githzerai as a playable race since there is already the Githyanki
Oh yeah and for the elves could you do a distinction between sun and moon elves?
stat wise, there is none and I think that it would make it more complicated if they did. People would get confused but good idea
Also I highly recommend that you bring in new races like the assimar and the half orcs together with the dragonborn.
and the yuan-ti
The more races the better in my book
Please make Lupines a playable race!
silence furry
I think you'd have to mod that in but I like the idea
Oh hell yer playable lupines im all for it buddy https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/693272936369794335/