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Greyoll is not a boss, it should be removed from this list.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
If there any way to cheese the bosses?
Or its just a matter of reflexes the whole game?
By Anonymous
Elden beast needs to grow a set and fight a "lowly tarnished" instead of running away
By Anonymous
And people say dark souls 2 has bad bosses, yeah right, Elden Ring knocks it out of the park in terms of having awful boss fights
By Anonymous
Bloodborne better
By Anonymous
few thing that can and will one shot you in post capital even with 60 Vigor and 35% damage reduction :

Borealis's Glacial Roar
Godskin Noble's Godskin Wheel
Godskin Apostle's Black Flame Whirlwind
Placidusax' Stationary Thundercloud Form
Astal's Illusionary Teleport Grab
Theodorix, "that bonk attack"
Malenia's Phantom Spirits

Dark Souls I,II&III endgame is walk in a park compared to ER
By Anonymous
Why isn't Patches in the Legends Category?
By Anonymous
Yes, all these broken thrash boss fights are better than Ds3 great line up of bosses that none of don't just run away from you 1/2 the time. ( to the person is under me)
By Anonymous
main bosses are better than ds3 bosses
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