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Wait there won't be subclass kits?! Dammit I love playing stalker
Is it really just the PHB subclasses? Would really love the old Paladin/Hexblade Multiclass, oh well. Hopefully they add the other subclasses from other books, even if it's as DLC.
My guess would be Modding
Original Sin 2 also had many Classes for modding, so we will probably get some subclasses that way.
So far Larian has only confirmed PHB subclasses. Doesn't mean others won't get in. We all would love to see more (I myself play a Hexblade)
Creen que este la clase de kensai ?
Kensai is a subclass of monk in 5e.
Ok, so, do is doing the tables for the classes?
Because according to the Warlock's Class page on this wiki, they don't get their 3rd Level Spell slots until Lv11 and never get 5th Level Spell slots.
But as far as I know, the Warlock actually get 3rd Level Spell slots on Lv5 and 5th Level Spells on Lv9.

So, what's going on here?
In dnd 5e, warlocks get something called a mystic arcanum after a certain level point. IIRC, it was levels 9, 13, and 17. Mystic arcanums allows you to cast higher level spells than what you have access to, once a day though. Im not sure how theyre going to implement that though, it might just be a higher cd than regular spells
Looks to me that there is a mistake in the Warock table on this site .... i assume that the table will be exactly as in 5e
Certainly just a mistake. It would severely underpower Warlocks and I doubt they want that anyway.
maybe they had typos like your comment.
Warlocks get 2nd spell slot at level 2, 3rd slot at level 11, and 4th slot at 17 in D&D 5e, so that's correct. Remember they get them back on short rests so it's not as bad as you think, also there are some powerful Invocation also that don't use spell slots. And you gain Mystic Arcanums at 11, 13, 15 and 17, one each for a level 6, 7, 8 and 9 spell, once per day.
Also the warlocks spell slots are always max level they can cast. So a level 3 warlock has 2 level 2 slots, a level 9 Warlock has 2 level 5 spell slots...
After reading through the comments everyone should keep in mind that early access will be released first. Meaning an un polished game. So they will be adding things tot he game till they feel comfortable with a full release tittle instead of early access.
I want my Forge Domain!!!
Aww where my Path of the Zealot Barbarian?!
So far Larian has only confirmed subclasses in the Player's Handbook, but we are all hoping for more subclasses, specially from Xanathar's to be included
Hope they add Hexblade after Early Access. Like, c'mon, Hexblade is the poster-child of Warlocks.
Agree. Hexblade is sort of the default Warlock everyone chooses now, especially because it's not only great mechanically but has interesting RP opportunities. My favorite subclass for sure.
I myself play a Hexblade and would love the class in BG3. Not only because it's what I play, but because it's the most different subclass warlocks have. They all have very different flavors but the Hexblade stands out the most.
It wasn't even in the player's handbook
I hope they add it too, although I'm sure it will be over a year, since it's not Player's Handbook.
I love hexblades too, but tbh they should just merge Hex Warrior and the pact of the blade. The Hexblade exists anyways, to make the pact of the blade less bad, and Hexblades would still be just as strong
(but others could use the pact of the blade too)
Lookin like I'll be recreating my eldritch knight for early access. Can't wait until all the classes and multiclassing become available, need me some barbarian/paladin multi in my life.
Same cant wait for my Paladin/Sorcerer
I hope they eventually get all the classes and subclasses for ultimate shenanigans. Tempest Cleric / Swashbuckler / Echo Knight / Divination Wiz / Eloquence Bard / Conquest Paladin / Hexblade / Divin Soul Sorc - they're missing some of the best subclasses for each class. Overall pretty happy with their list, however.