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Can you multiclass in baldurs gate 3? Also how does flying work? and can you create a tiefling with wing or a Aarakocra? And finally what about the subclasses that are not in the player handbook, like for example hexblade ? will they be in the final game or are we going to have to wait for an expansion? sorry for my bad english


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Also i forgot to ask, does baldurs gate 3 use spell slots like dnd ? If so do you gain extra slot by leveling up as in dnd ? and finally if you could multiclass in baldurs gate 3, does magic classes share spell slots like in dnd (except for the warlock)?
as far as i know it is exactly like playing 5th edition dnd so same rules apply i hope i answered your question.
Maybe? i can't see how it'd work though as i don't think you will be able to get above level 10, so multiclassing might leave you severely underpowered depending on how you multiclass.
i'm pretty sure you can multiclass in baldur's gate 3. i don't think you can make a tiefling with wings, but you can probably use spells like polymorph or the druids wildshape to fly. for now they are just working on the PHB content, but either they will add more subclasses later or modders will.
I think Swen said you can multiclass somewhere (could be totally wrong though). Just gotta be careful since you won't go all the way to lvl 20 in this game, so you could screw your power level.
As for spell slots, yes, you use them and they work like in DnD (as far as the current iteration goes; I doubt WotC would like Larian doing it differently nor do I think Larian would want to).
Flying has not been confirmed so far, so all we can do is speculate; races outside of the PHB (Aarakocra being one of those) have not being confirmed either. They may be added at a later stage, but for the launch of EA they are for sure out.
Classes outside the PHB have no been confirmed either; Swen has said that first they want to put all the PHB subclasses; we are all hoping for more (specially from Xanathar's).
No expansion has been confirmed (and as of now, I wouldn't even count on it tbh; Larian has never done it before, though it has updated their games even 2 years after their release with more content for free)

Sorry if I couldn't help
I read somewhere, that Lv8 will be the maximum of the Core-Game. So Multiclass would still be possible, but highly restricted and you're probably screw up your character/playthrough if you're unexperienced with DND 5e Multiclassing.
Correction: Lv10 is the supposed to be max Level, not 8. (But still only half of the DND5e official maximum)
Sorcerers, barbarians, bards, and paladins aren't confirmed classes?
They are confirmed, they just won't be in early access.
Correction: they won't be available when EA begins. Larian will most probably put them in during EA along with more companions (I'm fairly confident they have stated so in a couple interviews)
Too bad the supplementary subclasses aren't in. Kensei Monk is my favorite.
I feel you, thought I more would want by Undying Warlock and Collage of Glamour bard
as well as horizon walker rangers and the other non PHB ranger subclasses
Seriously, the game is about mindflayers, the preminent psions of forgotten realms, and once again through another dnd game we still dont get a psion class.
If anything I would have expected the gloomstalker ranger in this game.
at least 1 playable race will have inherent psionic abilities. the githyanki race
There will probably not be a psion class in this game, since Wizards made it very clear they will not doing that in 5e. Maybe they will release the psionic options for the normal classes, like they intend on doing in the tabletop version
Well it has been 13 years since they last added a class in. From D&D's initial launch back in 1977 up through 2007 they were constantly toying with the classes and getting them right to where they need to be. Since they haven't done much heavily handed class work in over a decade, it can be safely assumed that they probably wont come out with a new class. A new subclass, maybe, but maybe not an entirely new class. In Unearthed Arcana, UA for short, there are a few psionic abilities that actually are really helpful. I could see them adding a psionic subclass kinda like how they did the "Mark of Shadow" subclasses. But I highly highly highly doubt that Wizards is actually going to add another full blown class.
Problem is, still no official 5e rules for psionics (PnP)
:O No bladesinger wizard?
The Wizard already has the most subclasses out of any class. Adding yet another and a racial unique one at that, though welcome, understandably may not be a priority.
Fighter/wizard accomplishes most of the same playstyle, with more options. That is, if they give Booming Blade to us...
While the previous replies have merit, Bladesinger flavor is top notch and I'll be hoping for it to be added in some DLC down the road for sure!!
I hope they make this games world more replayable. Pillars of Eternity 2 had so many different classes and options, but because of how slow the game was for the first 10 or so hours it made replaying it a slog. just my opinion though.
Considering its Larian making this, and takes place in then forgotten realms setting of dnd, I'm pretty sure it will have a lot of replayability
also, in baldur's gate 2, there was not really an evil playthrough.... technically you had not much of a choice other than to go where the npcs told you.
Berath's Blessings make the tutorial island pretty fast, I thought - dump all of your points into Stealth, sneak past the big fights, and you're at Neketaka in an hour or so
Agree. PoE2 is an amazing game, but the first 5h are so slow and....... well, it does get boring, that replaying it is tough for me too. That my be the reason PoE2 wasn't as successful as Obsidian was expecting.

As of this game, I know I have replayed DOS2 more than 5x from beginning to end (includding 2 modded runs and 1 for the highest difficuly achievement) and wouldn't mind going for another. I think Larian will do it right, I am confident.
Reeeeeeee where is the necromancer class at?
Its a subclass in the Wizard "School of Necromancy"
wizard level 2, if they go by the rulebook
There's no real "Necromancer" class in DnD 5e. You can mold a few classes (easiest is probably the Wizard with the School of Necromancy, followed by Cleric of Death I believe) to act/be a necromancer, but no class is called "Necromancer"
hexblade ;(
I feel your pain bud