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I have just one thing left to do for Platinum for DS2 and that is to kill the Darklurker. I try and try and try with my strength build but no matter which giant boss melee weapon I use, I just can't get it. Got Havel's shield as well as a shield that does 100% against dark so I'm good there; have max Moonlight Greatsword + electricity, and not infused King's Ultra Greatsword and Flame Ultra Greatsword as well as lightning infused halberd, no chance.

Can someone lay out an OP build for max damage on this boss? I have soul vessels and I'm level 240+ in NG++ so can respec and magic him to death if I have to, ready to move onto Dark Souls 1 and go for Platinum there, to add to my Bloodborne and DS2 platinums :)

Total noob with magic, so no clue how to even cast -- I'll work that out but if someone can tell me how to spec and which weapon to use for max lightning/fire damage on this boss that would help.

Thank you for any help you can offer!



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I just beat Darklurker with my Soul Level 38 character using Combustion and Great Combustion. Video should be published this week showing the results. Oh, also beat the Ivory King. :-)
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