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By Anonymous
The sword one's damage lol
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By EvilUnicornLord
How much FTH and INT do these guys have to get that much damage out of a dark weapon buff?
By Anonymous
All of it
By Anonymous
they went hollow because they tried to make a miracle build (sad)
By Anonymous
The ones with the broken straight swords do WAYYUU too much damage
By Pudie
Those ones at the Gutter use dark-infused swords, which is why they hit so insanely hard. You can however just bait their attacks and wait for their 2-hit combo and be done with em. They attack before you reach em, so rushing them is pretty risky.
By Anonymous
The hollow that chases you with the four rats in grave of saints (in the circular room area) dropped a Simpleton’s spice for me (xb1 scholar)
By Anonymous
When you're on this page, it means that you too were perplexed by the insane damage of the sword hollow in the gutter.
By Anonymous
They are waiting for elden ring.
By Anonymous
They really put all their points into int/fth
By Anonymous
Is no-one gonna talk about that one Hollow in the Huntsman's Copse that power-walks ridiculously quickly all around the area?
By Anonymous
There are 2 actually.