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By RevoDee
Nah that's too overpowered. Guaranteed they're going to roll back the dmg on that one in the next available patch.
By Anonymous
What will be your first build? Mine will either be jack of all trades or heavy armor 2h weap :)
By Anonymous
S Tier Build:

Starting Class: Bloody Wolf
40 Vigor
40 Endurance
40 Strength

Weapon: (Heavy) Claymore
Shield: Iron Roundshield (Parry)
Talisman1: FaP Ring
Talisman2: Hornet Ring
By Anonymous
how much flat defense did you obtain from lvl endurance to 40?
By Anonymous
Class Warrior
Goal: Paladin
Find red and white attire
Mind 15-20+
Endurance 20+
Strength 40
Faith 20+
*scale for meta*