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By Anonymous
This quest is way too hard. I use duel blades so its basically impossible too kill this thing. In addition with the other random legiana this quest has become my most hated experience.
By Anonymous
Bow and dungpods. easy
By Anonymous
I recommend the using the glider mantle
By Anonymous
I've basically given up on getting past it
By Anonymous
This game is bad because I killed the wrong one.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
The ****ties quest in the game
By Anonymous
ive never yelled so ****ing much during a mission until i get scream locked by two mother ****ing legianas that alternates screeches and i jsut sit there for an entire minute just holding my ears
By Anonymous
does anyone have good ways of repelling the normal legiana (without killing it)
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By rougeric87
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dung pods exist. Enraged monsters try to follow you, so you could have Shrieking enrage, change area, Shrieking will follow you and the normal Legiana will stay and won't follow(immediately at least).
By Anonymous
Is this the quest that unlocks hoarfrost's peak?