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By Anonymous
yes hello I am interested in this covenant but see no leaders for the remaster on xbox one is this an area of possible expansion?
By Anonymous
I think this covenant is dead but if you have ps3 i you can join my covenant.
By Anonymous
I love the idea behind player made covenants because I like to use the world of dark souls to head-canon roleplay with my character.

My first ever dark souls character ended up as a themed pyromancer in the chaos servant covenant. I even had an egg-head. Still like to go back to that character occasionally.

I'd have loved to join this group, but given that the page was last updated in 2013 and has no mention of consoles newer than the Xbox 360 and PS3... I doubt it'll be possible. Plus I play DS1 on Switch anyway.

Awesome idea though. Who knows, maybe someday they'll make a comeback?

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