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By Anonymous
Finished it with 4 mins remaining 10/10 fight so intense not annoying
By Anonymous
I find it funny that all the fights that everybody hates I love. This is an example.

~ Eriatha
By Anonymous
He is very fast and hits like a freight train so I would highly recommend taking defense boost for this fight. If you haven’t been taking health boost during Iceborne now is the time to take it. You are going to need around 1000+ Defense so I recommend Shara or Damascus. If you have the option though take Alatreon armor. Always take a water or ice weapon! You want to keep the slime of his arms! I also recommend evade window and/or the evade extender.
He is tough and don’t be surprised if you cart once. Once you get to the nest he isn’t that bad. You have to be careful because he is very good at chaining his attacks. He also can trick you into thinking he is going to start moving forward while smashing or just doing one punch and moving to the other side of the area. I carted to this many times. Oh you might also want to take attack boost because he has a lot of health. Remember he is tough and he will take many tries. Personally this is one of my favorite fights but I know people don’t like him. Don’t give up and happy hunting!

~ Eriatha
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