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New attacks: Tail slam creates lines of slime from the point of impact, New ultimate attack in which Brachy goes into a rage and slams the ground repeatedly in front of them. Generating a ton of the "sticking" slime and generating a massive blast with the final strike.
i can see myself carting multiple times :)
Everyone watched the trailer.
Who is ready for drumsticks with salsa?
I know I am! Yummy!!
So ready! :D
Aged badly, just like drumsticks left for a month, haha
Who would win: One Super Saiyan 3 Muscle Monkey One Erupting Hot Pocket
Pax info did confirm that once in the "final zone" Brachydios does the ultimate and that closes off the entire zone from entry or exit. Only the death of either side reopens the zone. He's not trapped in there with you, You're trapped in there with him.
Also watermoss will become extremely useful for close combat weapons as it can wash the red primed slime off of Raging Brachy so you don't have to risk a hit when it detonates from being struck.
So in that Final Attack where the zone gets locked off, what happens if you’re in a multiplayer hunt and someone carts? Can they return through, say, a small “ramp” being made of rock from the explosion? Or have they just been branded as The Unworthy One? Also, I wonder if Farcasters will work, or if they’ll lock you out of the fight/not be able to be used at all.
I do recall hearing that much like behemoth's ecliptic meteor, farcasters get locked out. I'm unsure if its just during the attack or for the duration though. As for getting back in, that isn't really confirmed yet especially since the footage they showed was a solo venture.
Ahh, good, the new Developer Diary did show a ramp. But no traps or farcasters? Ohoho MAN this is gonna be a fun fight!
soo Eta on a weapon update? im curious if on pc i should just be sad still
Not sure what you mean. This monster doesn’t release till the 23rd though
the new brachy looks amazing
New info: if Raging Brachydios locks down the final zone you cannot use farcasters to escape and traps cannot be placed. Death is the only option.
Dev's said that gunlance players would be very happy for the raging brachydios armor. Interestingly specific. I wonder what it offers since it has to compete with the zorah magdaros set and the boosts that artillery gives to gunlances.
I'm assuming it will also get artillery secret or maybe a new shelling +1 set bonus? Can't wait to find out
Welp you were right, it does get artillery secret. Its a 4 set piece bonus, but honestly, that's fine, agitator pairs well with gunlances anyways so getting both in one armor set is actually pretty nice.