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Confirmed new attacks: new single handed super slam, energy blast barrage, and will now use his laser point blank during a grab
The super slam is actually like a sort of pile driver move where he grabs the hunter and dunks on them.
That point blank laser on grab looks just ... ow.
Quite curious how the weapons will work from this, will they upgrade the current tree from rare 12 to rare 12 like some of the shining blue weapons? Or are they a separate craft tree? I'd wager on the former, and hope to see some interesting improvements.
it's a separate tree
Expecting to be given the thumbs down into the abyss, but I have to ask, what the heck is this guy going to be like? Base Rajang can already smack a Savage Jho upside the head. He’s got flinch counter, stun counter, a near guaranteed enraged pin hit (not the starting of the pin, the point blank punch against the wall), tremor moves, near one-shots with high defense and elemental countering, minimal end lag, Base Raj feels a bit unfair, but hey, we can go through it. But this... thing? Two confirmed pins, likely more, probably retains the flinch/stun wall rebound counters, arms in super state more often, can probably still throw us off of the arms, a triple beam strike... I understand a challenge, I live for it, but come on now. Rajang doesn’t feel “challenging”, and not in the “haha scrubs git gud” way because let’s face it, I’m a fiver, not my job or right to try and judge other’s skill level, but because the key to Rajang for me is to disconnect yourself from the fight, attacking only during very precise moments, which really doesn’t feel that fun IMO. It’s difficult, yes, but less as in “learn to overcome a new threat in your own style” as it is “play this way, this one way, maybe another sometimes, or die.” This seems like it’ll be worse, which sucks because I’ve only heard praise of the old Raj’s and their actually challenging nature that proves a hunter’s worth, but rather than a learning experience, this just seems like it’ll be another game of “spot the exploit or get banana slamma’d”. I want to feel a sense of success when beating this monster. When I beat base Raj the first time, I just felt... empty. Every other monster has made me feel a sense of accomplishment upon beating it, like I learned and grew. Raj left me feeling almost sad. I did it, but only via a cheap tactic. It felt wrong. But hey, might be different, and the fight is the most fun I’ll have in the game. It might truly be that test of power and experience I want to see. Only time will tell.
Ur taking it way too seriously
Also u gotta use ice on rajang , his armor is negative 5. Ultra weak to ice , he is glass cannon
Rajang, while intimidating, still has patterns that you can learn and adapt to. For example a large amount of his attacks have no backward hitbox, meaning staying behind them as they are doing an animation means you have free range to get attacks in. you don't have to wait for super precise moments. This is especially true if you can force opportunities. Rajang is a glass cannon, so high power stagger moves are good at flinching him ( he only flinch counters if he hits a wall so fight in the open) and you can always stun him with the slinger ammo he drops. Strong slinger shots will also stun him out of his pin punch so take aim when he floors you. It takes pain and practice but you can do it. Normal rajang carted me twice in my first encounter, and now I can handle tempered without carting by paying attention to them carefully.
Love the passion the fire and the Lightning behind this wall of text! Keep up the good work! And dont worry this fight is ment for people to fail and learn. :)
I somewhat agree with this. My main issue is I wonder what is the purpose of fighting tougher monsters if they have the same drop rate for decorations vs other "less tougher" monsters as it's almost certain these 2 new additions are going to be T3 as well.
To answer the "why will I harvest", these ones will also appear in the guiding lands. Its quite possible that these ultra tough monsters might be necessary in upgrading augments further. Similar to what tempered rajang did when his update dropped. After all, after these brutes show up, the next update is going to be the arch tempered update. Hard core hunters will be looking to maximize their gear to take them on.
My first Rajang fight was one of the best hunts I ever had. I carted twice, no one responded to my SOS and I had like 2 minutes left on the clock when I finished him with my DBS. It was a pure adrenalin trip, and it felt great afterwards. You spoil your own experience with your meta-game thinking and reading spoilers of how fun this and that is supposed to be


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His Lazer beam fires in spurts.
If he shoots ya, it's gonna hurt
FR, Furious Rajang.
Who would win: One Super Saiyan 3 Muscle Monkey or One Erupting Hot Pocket
I've saw a video where this dirty monkey does a dirty move, that when he's dying he punches one last time AND ONE SHOTS YOU IF IT HITS. Is this for real or misinformation? If so I'll be extra paranoid of what I'll be doing so I don't get stuck in animation when he's dying and end up carting...
I've heard that too but I can't confirm. Best recommendation I can make is give it a moment when it dies. You are given 60 seconds to finish up after a mission and really you could probably get all the carves in half that. No need to rush. Also capture, if we can capture it that'll be the safest option.
Yes, it has been like that since Monster Hunter Freedom 2 or Unite. I don't know for sure if it delivers oneshots but it deals some high damage, you need to look out for that when you are low on HP. It's a quite nasty move. Definetly need to look out for that.
Absolutely untrue, i've been hit with it, but it can only trip you. If it has damage, i'm not really sure, but if it does, it's so miniscule that it's hardly noticeable.
it does damage you a lot, but if you kill it as a target monster and it's the last one in the quest, it can't kill you, since you become invincible as soon as the quest withdrawal timer appears on top of the screen
Couldn’t have said it better myself