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By Anonymous
Furious rajang vs safi’jiiva!
Vote who would win in the comments, whoever gets to 100 votes wins!
By Anonymous
1. The answer is really ****ing obvious. Rajang struggles whith jho and you want to put him up against Safi?
2. you cant vote in comments
By Anonymous
this guy has no chill man
By Anonymous
But does he have style or grace?
By Anonymous
I have about 14 monsters I haven't killed yet, but so far Furious Rajang is the hardest so far. You get the quest pretty quick after Iceborne's story, so it's not like I was using end-game gear. He carted me twice and I was really scared on my last life (even running to Ruiner Nergigante for free damage). Even though I've only done it once, I believe the trick to this thing is to go Kirin-mode, you come in for 1 attack, smack his face, get out... repeat until stunned or a good opening appears. Also, Evader Extender is amazing for this (if not literally every monster).
By Anonymous
This guy inflicts fear. Until you solo that event quest.
By Anonymous
on the ghoulish gold gorer page it said its 100% for breking both horns but here it says 70%
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By Roos-Skywalker
How do I get Furious Rajang investigations? I have countless normal Rajang investigations but none for Furious, I already farmed buff body Y.
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By rougeric87
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You can't get Furious Rajang investigations :/.
Only from the Special Assignment, optional and event quests
By Anonymous
His heart droped as a material twice for me in a single hunt. How many hearts does this dude have
By Anonymous
2 one to keep blood flow and 1 to pump adrenaline aka rampage
By Anonymous
He's a god damn super Saiyan
By Anonymous
he is technically an arch-tempered rajang
By Anonymous
He is. Rajang was always a homage to Goku. In earlier Monster Hunter games he could even use the Spirit Bomb.
By Anonymous
Hard to fight alone, but with a team, they are a piece of cake. Raging brachydios is definitely harder
By Anonymous
If you think Raging is hard then you properly dont even spec into evade or full blast resi.
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