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By Anonymous
If you analyze it philosophically and make a parallel with real life, its an interesting character
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
They gave him the Jake from Statefarm treatment. Only different is that this guy is really likable.
By Anonymous
On an unrelated note, does anyone like commercials or advertisements? Do they really make you want to buy the product?? I’ve never bought something because of an ad. Every single one comes off as annoying, repetitive and pressuring. The only commercials I unquestionably like are the Gen 1 Bionicle commercials. Get Tahu going on an adventure and I may just consider using your insurance, StateFarm.
By Anonymous
wow based
By Anonymous
When killed he drops Storied Soldier's Soul.
By officegossip
He looks like Laurence Fishburne in the remake lol
By Anonymous
I can't unsee this now
By Anonymous
I thought he looked like George Floyd.
By Anonymous
haha yes thanks for pointing this out, I thought he seemed familiar
By Anonymous
I just visited the first cell, after the first gate in the tower of hope.
There's a dark skinned corpse wearing nigh identical gear, desperately reaching for a window.

Though not 100% sure, I am confident enough to say its his corpse
By Anonymous
When CALIFORNIA is forcefed into a medieval/dark age set game...
By Anonymous
Obviously because black people didn't exist until the 1800s
By Anonymous
Oh god are people actually mad about the change in this guy's skin colour? Bunch of snowflakes LMFAO
By Anonymous
Ikr, bunch of antisemites.
By Anonymous
Bunch of trannies
By Anonymous
bunch of homophobes
By Anonymous
you're genuinely dumb @op
By Anonymous
People have the right to dislike blackwashing.
By Anonymous
The thing is why do it in the first place. Blackwashing is dumb.
By Anonymous
I died in nexus to get rid of body form, right after exhausting his dialog and he has lost memory. When I revived in soul form I could pick up his drop. And I got 808 souls, with silver bracelet, just by doing so. I should have been at zero for sure, so, ... glitch?
It's like the game counted that I fought him.
Anybody else noticed that?
By Anonymous
After defeating Tower Knight: I was simply walking next to Crestfallen Warrior, and and dropping down the step aggro’d him; but he only said the aggro line and drew his sword and shield. Then he said some stuff about losing his memory. After reloading the area, he had died and dropped a Storied Warrior Soul
By Anonymous
Follow-up from 16 Dec 2022: Seems like NPC’s are very sensitive to “fall damage”, even if you’re right next to them and just dropping down from the ledge they’re sitting on
By Anonymous
They make ONE (1) NPC Swedish in the remake and everyone loses their minds.
By Anonymous
No hate for his skin but I had to go through all npcs at wiki to finally find this one and check his story. I just got the game too. Maybe wiki should leave a note or use 2 icons for him